Monday, April 23, 2007

Seriously, could she get any cuter???

***Just a little FYI--between my scanner and blogger I don't know why the pictures turned out all funky--hopefully you'll still see the cuteness!***
Mmmmm, I just want to eat her up!!!
These are Cassidee's one year/Easter pictures. Luckily she cooperated very well this day and we got some great pics of her.

We were down in Houston visiting the Beaver's when we took these pictures. Cassidee and Reagan got to take pictures together in their closely matching Easter dresses.
No smiles from them---they were eating the yummy plastic eggs!

Cute girls!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fun with friends!

Cassidee is really turning into a social butterfly! She loves, loves, loves being around kids these days. She becomes best friends with any "big kid" that will carry her around or let her walk with them.
Sarah came over after school to play with Cassidee for a little while the other day. Sarah is a 3rd grader at my school.
See her pretty, long, blond hair?
She cut it off, up to her shoulders the other day and donated it to Locks of Love. What a self-less thing for her to do to help someone she doesn't even know!
I love that girl!
Yes, she and Cassidee enjoyed a Peep or two! I guess that's C's new favorite snack!

Then, last Friday we went to the Bortnem's house. There's Cade--I really couldn't manage to get a pic of his face! He is three months older than Cass, and he was on the move. Just give him a ball and big backyard and he's off!
They have a big German Shepard. Cassidee loves dogs, but Max's kisses knocked her to the ground. From then on she would admire Max from the safety of her daddy's arms!
Cassidee and Kasey sat by the pool and stuck their feet in. Kasey's going to be a great babysitter someday!
Awwww! Sweet kisses!
Kasey pulled Cade and Cass in the wagon. We may need to get a wagon for Cassidee--she loved it!
What great pictures of Cade and Cassidee that they can have when they get married!!! :)

What great friends we have up in Corinth!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Random pics and Easter happenings!

We'll start with random....
The other day Jeremy asked for a Sunkist so I brought it to him and set it
on the coffee table. Cassidee is too quick for us these days.
She took it.
She shook it.

Then she tried to drink it.
Granmommy and Grandaddy came over to visit.
Grandaddy brought Cassidee some Peeps to try.
Yup, Cassidee likes pink Peeps.

On the Sunday before Easter we went to Jeremy's fire station for an egg hunt. Cassidee put on some new summer clothes and was ready to find some eggs.
She got a little head start on the other kids--oh well, no one noticed!
She got the hang of it very quickly.
She would skip over some eggs and go straight for the ones she had her eyes on. I don't know why she would pick some over others. Oh well!
One happy little egg hunter!
Time for snacks!

Cassidee likes yellow Peeps too.....

...and cookies....
She loved playing with all the other kids.
She opened up all of her eggs--mommy and daddy liked this part--candy for us!
She also won a prize!
But we were a little pooped by the end of the afternoon!
On the actual Easter Sunday, I have no pictures of her in her dress. Too cold, didn't feel good, very tired, VERY cranky.

We were doing good to open her easter baskets and go egg hunting that day!

Aunt Kay Kay got Cass a big, yellow chick and some eggs.

She and Cal did an egg hunt together. She still knew what to do!

She had a hard time not opening the eggs as she found them.

Cal was so sweet and brought the eggs to Cassidee!

They played together. Here Cal is "knighting" Cass with his fishing pole!

And we had an egg dyeing contest. I haven't dyed eggs in a long time, and I'd forgotten how dye can stain your hand--I still have a green finger nail--but we had a great time!

Here are some of the finished eggs---good thing we all have our day jobs!

Happy (late) Easter!