Monday, June 29, 2009

I wish I was already back down there..... the lake, that is. We had a blast with Jeremy's family and the Way Family.
It's not a bad life when you walk out your back door and you have this view!

We played hard for 2 full days and completely wore the kids out as best as we could.
First day, first boat ride (and only boat ride for Cason).

Cason wasn't liking the life-jacket idea.

I had a bit of deja vu. I kept thinking about Cassidee's first boat ride. (She was 4 months old)

Both my kids laying on the bench, asleep for most of the boat ride. (Cason at 11 1/2 months)

Conked out.....

Him too....

Cassidee, Jeremy, and Grandad

Amie and the two big kids

We borrowed the neighbors kiddie pool which acted as a play pen for the kids when we were getting the boat ready to go out on the lake!

Bradley was the fisherman for the week.
The boys and Cassidee taking a spin around the lake.

The girls enjoyed the long as we didn't fall off the long as nothing touched long as Amie didn't hold onto me....lots of high-maintenance lake swimming!
Cassidee says "Hook 'Em!"

Going for a ride on the tube! (which she loved....not sure why she is covering her face)

Swimming with mommy.....again, deep chance of touching the bottom with my feet...

Mommy and Cass

Cason spent his time in the house with Nana, Mamaw, and Aunt Janet.....evidentally wearing them out! He is a ball of energy that loves climbing steps!
We stopped at "the Slab" one night after supper. Cassidee found a mini-waterfall and enjoyed herself there for a few minutes. (minus a shirt.....she took it off when it got wet)

Daddy and Cason
Our fam

This just looked like a cool picture.

Charlie loved playing in the water!
Charlie wanted to take home some water in his diaper! The diaper eventually burst!

Cason felt like he needed in the water also, so we stripped him down so he could enjoy it too!

Amie has other (better) pictures on her blog. Be sure to check them out as well!
Thanks Way's for the fabulous fun and memories!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cass and Cal go to the ZOO!!!!

Cassidee and I got to take a super hot and super fun trip to the zoo yesterday with some of our favorite people. My sister Kayla, her sister-in-law Rain, and Rain's son Cal met us there. We are lucky that Cassidee has Cal to play with. They are so cute together and get along so well. They had a blast at the zoo together and the adults had a hard time keeping up with them!
See, I told you they were cute!

Posing in front of a waterfall, which Cassidee is obsessed with these days.
I wish I could take her to Hawaii....
Cal and Cass with their "Aunt Kay-Kay"

Checking out the giraffes!

Throwing a penny in the wishing well......

.....and Cal trying to see where it went.

Cassidee paid for us to ride on the train.

Silly kids!

Enjoying some ice cream with Kay-Kay

Yummy snacks!

Playing with the animals in the barn!

Funny cow!

I liked going in the reptile house because it had an A/C......Cassidee just love the snakes! Bleh!
She sat in front of this one and said, "I be careful, momma, or he 'queeze me to deaf!"

Checking out the gators!

Feeding time for the penguins!

Cass asked for her picture next to a "mingo"

That's a hot and tired baby on the last train ride!

Thanks Rain, Cal, and Kay-Kay for meeting us at the zoo. We can't wait to go October!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1 and 3 year pictures of my kiddos!

I took Cassidee and Cason to get their pictures made on Friday. I had two purposes in mind.
#1-to get their picture taken since I hadn't gotten them professionally done since last year for Cassidee and since Cason was 7 weeks old.....yes, 7 weeks.
#2-pictures for Jeremy for Father's Day.
I was soooo happy at how they turned out. The kids did great, considering their age, attention span, etc. I got some really great pictures and Jeremy loved them!
(We couldn't wait, we showed him this morning)
Sideways....oh well!

His baby blues KILL ME!!! I love them!!!

A princess on her throne!

Obviously an out-take! She needed a "less than serious" moment!

I can't believe she is 3!!!

My baby is 1!!!!

My little sassy girl!