Friday, April 27, 2012

My poor baby!

Instead of getting to play t-ball tomorrow,

And instead of getting some pointers on the field from his daddy,

this sicky boy will probably be in bed with me. It's been over a year, thank goodness, since he was this sick. (pukey, 102 fever, can't keep a teaspoon of water down....)

I do love that he's my cuddle bug during this time! Crossing my fingers I don't get it....

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Play Ball!!

Saturday's are game days in our house right now!! With Cass playing soccer and softball and Cason playing t-ball, we are gone from sun up to sun down, it seems!!
It's hard to tell her she can't play when she's so darn good at all the sports she tries!!

Shes never played softball but picked it up quickly! She is one of the only kids on her team who hit off the coaches pitch and not a tee during the games!!

And my Cason.... He's a hoot!
They had an opening day ceremony parade for all the baseball teams. He's a Royal!

The parade ended walking across home plate on the field!

He and buddy TJ will hopefully play together for many years to come!

His first at bat....knocked it out of the park, well, for a three year old....

Daddy is one of the assistant coaches. How lucky that our ball fields are right behind daddy's fire station. He got to come when he was on duty last week!

I can't think of a better way to spend my weekends!!

And I'll end with a cute picture of my Goobers that was taken at Amie's house--happy birthday Easton--and taken right before Cason decided he liked the hat and tried to get in our car and leave with it! Ha!! Clepto!!!

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Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree...

I'm mad that I didn't take more pictures with my camera of Cassidee's kindergarten performance of "It's a Small World."
She was a kookaburra from Australia. They wore leotards , tutus, and feather boas. She was in heaven!
She's hard to see but she's right behind the tall black hat!

They sang and danced and she (and I) loved every minute!

She's a nut!!!

And I'm so glad to not hear her practice that song everyday anymore!!! :-)

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Happy Easter from our family!! Cason wasn't unhappy, I promise. It was pretty bright outside!!!

I loved spending Easter lunch with this sweet thing!!

Cassidee is a great big cousin!!

Memommy and Grandaddy with their four babies!


Waiting to hunt eggs!!

Pretty Blayze

Too much loot for her basket!!

Sweet Easter baby!!

Crazy kid!!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Beach Weekend!

We had a blast this weekend in Freeport with Jeremy's family! We had a great view from the four balconies at our condo!

Crazy girl!

Brazos Bend State Park---home of lots of alligators!

Checking them our off the dock over a pond.

Cason found a gator swimming under the bridge!

And that's a gator swimming in the pond behind us!!

Just wanted to document the fact that Cason ate three cucumbers---I've never even seen him eat one!!

The kids enjoyed the frigid pool!

And playing on the beach! They look so cute!

Cason and Nana talking about sticks, I'm sure!

And when you get bored on the way home, you do this....

We skipped school on Monday and went to the almost empty zoo!

Black milk snake---never gets old for my little snake lovers!

And a picture with the alligator---I probably have 25 pictures with this thing!

Happy April!

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