Friday, August 29, 2008

A little bit of nothing...

It seems like we've been busy, but I don't really have the pictures to show for it. We were gone from Sunday to Tuesday to Paris to see Rachel and Roselyn (and Clint too). We had a great time running interference between the two girls and taking turns holding my fussy baby. I took one picture the entire time and it isn't even that cute. Check out Rachel's blog for a couple of pictures that she took of the girls. You can see the damage first hand of a
pink colored sand fight!

When we've been at home this week we've done a lot of nothing, and it's been pretty nice. Cason's getting big.....growing a pound a week according to the dr. He's a little over 10 pounds now--big boy! We're waiting for him to get adjusted on some medicine that will help with his reflux. Poor thing cries quite a bit. It's so sad to see him in pain, but the new medicine we get today will hopefully help! Other than that he is absolutely perfect and we love that he is making more facial expressions at us now.

Enjoying a bath together!
I'm sure he prefers me NOT letting her wash him!
Cassidee is loving her sand boat and was excited that daddy got her green sand to go in it. We didn't have the talk about keeping the sand in the boat.....we did soon after this picture!
I seriously couldn't find Cassidee one day. I was yelling all over the house. She finally leaned up and said, "Mommy, shhh, I'm sleeping." Scared me to death that she just popped up, but then it cracked me up that she was in there the whole time. No, Amie, we don't let her play in there!
Random video:
I have not caught her on camera yet, but I want everyone to hear her talking to Cason in the morning. She has him so sugar-coated. She comes downstairs and almost always says, "Good morning my sweet buddy baby Cason." She has perfected the baby talk. She does call him "buddy" on this video (and all the time) which is cute. But, listen to what she sings to him.....crazy girl!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Reagan live with me, pweeeze mommy!"

(The following is my conversation with Cassidee as I am tucking her in bed tonight....)
C: Reagan stay with me mommy?
K: Yes, she is staying with us for a little while tonight.
C: We play later?
K: You'll see her at church, but then she has to go home to her house.
C: No, she come my house to play.
K: She can't. She has to go home.
C: No! (much louder and unhappy sounding) then....
C: Reagan live with me, pweeeeze mommy!
K: She can't. Her mommy and daddy want her to live with them at her house.
C: Pweeeze, I be good girl.....

Can you tell that we have been telling her about prizes she'll get and places she can go if she'll just be a "good girl?" Our conversation kinda got out of control at this point. She thought that since she was asking nicely that it would happen. So, Jodi and David, the only logical solution is for you to move.....duh!

Back up for background story.....
David, Jodi, and Reagan are in town for family fun. They are going out tonight and Reagan gets to come play at our house until they get home. So, of course we have to do something super fun so she'll want to come to our house again.....we go to Chuck E Cheese! It's Friday night, it's packed, both girls are loving it, but not liking to wait to play games so we aren't there super long.

The girls did enjoy this big monster truck!

And the pizza is always yummy!
Since it was packed we left and brought the girls to the park by our house! The weather was amazing and there was no one there so the girls ran crazy and burned the rest of their energy!

Up the stairs!
And down the slides!

Once we got home it was Dora popsicles on the back porch for two little girls! Then bath time (no pictures since I had two girls to get washed, dried, and dressed by myself.)

Then it was time to play the "dump the balls all over the living room floor and then walk away and leave them game."
Luckily Jeremy and I talked them into a fun game of "pick them up and put them back in the pink box so we can watch cartoons" game! :)

We had a great time with Reagan and can't wait until she can come back to play!!!
Total subject change.....
Cassidee came downstairs the other morning dressed like this....enough said! :)
Yes, that is her vacuum cleaner hose that she is wearing as a belt!

This is for Amie....

Cason loves the is proof!

I just can't get enough of this.... Cassidee loves her brother. She talks to him all the time and it makes her sad when he isn't happy. I think he likes her....he turns his head towards her now!
All she ever says is, "Mommy, he so cooot (cute)."

She talks to him all the time and tells him about everything going on around the house!

Cason's one month picture taken with his monkey! Thank you Jodi!
Daddy decided that we also need a monthly picture with his UT football.....too bad he looks kinda freaked out in this picture!

I'm off to bed! For an hour or so anyway!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My little Cinderella & my one month old!

I put Cassidee to work yesterday while we were at home! I figured that since she's two now why not make her earn her keep! We began by sorting some clothes that Carson gave to Cason. Cassidee decided that the puppy over-alls were really cute and wanted to wear them. Yes, my 28 month can fit in 3-6 month clothes....weird!

So after we sorted the baby clothes I made her help me fold our laundry.....
Then I made her put away the silverware from the dishwasher.....
And to top it off, I made her wash Cason's dirty bottles!
**Actually, she volunteered for all those things, which actually made me sad to think that she is getting big enough to sort and put away silverware and stuff like that. Big girl!**
She didn't have to work all afternoon, though. Daddy mowed yesterday and then turned on Cassidee's sprinkler. They enjoyed cooling off in the water!
Last weekend one of Cassidee's BFF's came to town. She and Reagan went non-stop for a few hours, playing, eating, playing, laughing, playing......They had so much fun!
Picnic lunch on the floor was a great start to the afternoon!
Too bad they were too excited to eat!

Then they each got a new big girl ballerina Barbie. Big sisters get new big girl toys!
And then there's Cason....

We love him to death and can not believe that tomorrow he'll be a month old! I'm still amazed by Cassidee and how much she loves him. I'm waiting for some resentment or some jealousy to come out at some point, but for now, she adores her brother. I can put him down somewhere and she always goes over and talks to him and plays with his toes. So sweet!

Every single morning when she wakes up and comes downstairs she asks me, "Is baby Cason awake? Can I hold him?" Precious!

Daddy's Cowboy will be one month old tomorrow!