Friday, August 29, 2008

A little bit of nothing...

It seems like we've been busy, but I don't really have the pictures to show for it. We were gone from Sunday to Tuesday to Paris to see Rachel and Roselyn (and Clint too). We had a great time running interference between the two girls and taking turns holding my fussy baby. I took one picture the entire time and it isn't even that cute. Check out Rachel's blog for a couple of pictures that she took of the girls. You can see the damage first hand of a
pink colored sand fight!

When we've been at home this week we've done a lot of nothing, and it's been pretty nice. Cason's getting big.....growing a pound a week according to the dr. He's a little over 10 pounds now--big boy! We're waiting for him to get adjusted on some medicine that will help with his reflux. Poor thing cries quite a bit. It's so sad to see him in pain, but the new medicine we get today will hopefully help! Other than that he is absolutely perfect and we love that he is making more facial expressions at us now.

Enjoying a bath together!
I'm sure he prefers me NOT letting her wash him!
Cassidee is loving her sand boat and was excited that daddy got her green sand to go in it. We didn't have the talk about keeping the sand in the boat.....we did soon after this picture!
I seriously couldn't find Cassidee one day. I was yelling all over the house. She finally leaned up and said, "Mommy, shhh, I'm sleeping." Scared me to death that she just popped up, but then it cracked me up that she was in there the whole time. No, Amie, we don't let her play in there!
Random video:
I have not caught her on camera yet, but I want everyone to hear her talking to Cason in the morning. She has him so sugar-coated. She comes downstairs and almost always says, "Good morning my sweet buddy baby Cason." She has perfected the baby talk. She does call him "buddy" on this video (and all the time) which is cute. But, listen to what she sings to him.....crazy girl!


Tracy said...

I wish you had a video of yourself when Cassiidee popped out of that basinett! :)

Baby boy is getting so big!!!

Heidi said...

That video is too cute!!

The Blakes said...

Cason and Cassidee. I love saying that! They look so cute in the bathtub! Sure saves time when you can bath them together.