Friday, May 28, 2010

We're off to the races!

We brought the kids to the horse races for their first time ever. We let Cassidee makes some bets. So far she has placed bets based on her favorite color the jockey was wearing, her favorite number, and the prettiest horse. She is 2 for 2 and is up almost $10. I think we will bring her back again.....she must be good luck!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm getting another brother (in-law)

Congratulations Evan and Kelsey! We love you both and are so happy for you!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge, Preschool, baby Blayze, and a zoo trip!

I wish I had the picture of Cassidee standing outside the huge windows in the lobby of Great Wolf Lodge. She was completely overwhelmed when we first walked a good way. We played, and played, and played, and had the best time with Amie, Bradley, and Charlie. We got there and wasted no time getting our suits on and getting in the water.
Here is my littlest swimmer.

Here is Jeremy and Cassidee as they are coming off the green "toilet bowl" slide. They came out of the slide backwards, hit the water, and their raft completely flipped over backwards. The guy behind me yelled "Oh Crap!" (not fun to hear when your 4 year old is on that raft....illegally, I might add. She was too short to ride in the first place, but oh well......) Anyway, Cassidee came up completely wide-eyed and immediately said she would never ride that one again. :)

The lazy river (or crooked creek....whatever) was more of her style anyway!

We had to drag the kids out to get them dinner and in their PJ's before story time. The kids didn't seem super impressed.......or maybe it was me that wasn't impressed..... but they looked cute sitting next to each other!

Mommies and kids with the wolf? coyote? woodchuck?

The Way's

My kids cooperate so well!
Cason, Cass, and Charlie swimming on Friday after a surprisingly good night sleep in a room all together!

Cass was a slide pro by the time we left!

Funny face!

Little swimmer!

Charlie loved the water spouts!

So did Cass and Cason

She usually tried to spray me! Glad my camera is waterproof!

Happy boy!
Big boy!

Running from daddy!

Cass getting help from daddy to pull a rope.

Cassidee specifically wanted this picture taken for BFF Reagan.
Cassidee says, "Look Reagan, I'm on a beaver!" (Then picture Cassidee laughing hysterically.....she thought she was so funny!)
All pooped out and taking a snack break. They were so worn out but had so much fun. Cason didn't wake up until 11 the next day..... I'd say he had tons of fun!

We've gotten some good play time in with baby Blayze. Cason is super sweet to her and often sits right next to her on the floor.
And he kisses her ALOT!

This week we had Cassidee's end-of-the-year program at preschool.

Standing between her two buddies. She comes home from school telling us that she was Princess Skywalker at recess and things like that. She's never seen Star Wars, but the boys told her that the Princess could fly, so she'll be any princess they tell her to!

My favorite line of the song:
"I am a great big ball of potentiality...."

This week was the first time I've ever taken their picture on this alligator at the zoo.
Ha.....Cass looks happy and Cason looks whipped!

But Cason did think it was funny to pretend the alligator was getting him!

Once again, we spent 2 hours in the MOLA and Cassidee stayed with this snake as long as possible. (I've forgotten the name of it....)

Blayze came over again and actually spent the night with us this week. And there is Cason sitting right next to her again.

And kissing her......again. Do you think he needs his own little sister?

And then we had Cassidee's last day of preschool on Thursday. They performed their program song on more time and Cass insisted on standing next to buddy "C."

She finished off her time with a great game of Duck Duck Goose before telling her friends bye.

And even though we have one more year before she goes to kinder, I was surprisingly weepy this week. She's just getting so big so fast! Cass and Cason will be in preschool together next year, so that will be really fun, and she is excited that he is going to come to school with her. I think we should start praying for Cason's teacher now.....bless her heart, whoever she is!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zoo Fun!

We try to go to the zoo weekly with our passes. We don't often do the "extras" that cost money but they were dying to feed the birds today. I can usually spare $2! She loved that the birds would just land on her stick.

Cason wasn't quite as thrilled with the birds getting close to him. This was about as close as he got to the birds.

We finally left once I saw Cason feeding himself with whatever is on those sticks! Gross! I don't even want to know what holds those seeds on there....

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last week our family and the Way family got to spend one night and two fun days at Great Wolf Lodge. We had a fantastic time and can't wait to take the kids back! Here is a teaser picture until I get all the other pictures downloaded.

Such great friends!

Monday, May 10, 2010

FLASHBACK.... Cassidee's birthday week when she was turning 2.
I just opened a link to Rachel's Picasa album and found her pictures from Cassidee's birthday. We had matching dresses for the girls, they went to Chuck E Cheese for the party, we had tons of bathtub pictures, and there was this one of Jodi teaching them the Fuzzy Caterpillar song.

Roselyn looks like she is seriously trying to figure it out, Cassidee doesn't know what she is doing but she's going to smile about it, and Reagan can't figure out which hand has her Fuzzy Caterpillar on it!
Looking at all those pictures made me really miss those girls and miss the fact that those little girls are so big now! I love that they can go for weeks/months at a time without seeing each other and pick up where they last left off. I'm pretty sure they are life-long buddies!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Very First Ranger Game!

Do you ever expect much when you take your 1 & 4 year old to a new place where they have to sit in a little seat for 2 hours??? I don't! My expectations were super low. We would have to walk around, keep Cason from crawling around everwhere, leave by the 4th inning.......
None of that happened! They were GREAT! I wish you could have heard them cheer. And they totally entertained the people around us with their mad dancing skills! We left at 10:15, at the very end of the game! They did so good. I can't wait to go again!

It was Michael Young jersey night when we went. Needless to say, both kids have a Young jersey that will fit them when they are 10! Oh well!

We decided to picnic it with McDonalds instead of trying to buy food there. The kids were fine with that. I was just really craving a hot dog by the time we left. There is just something about eating a hot dog at a baseball game!

The kids did great waiting in line for the games they wanted to play. I'm glad I got a pic of the back of their shirts.

Cassidee really wanted to play the tee ball game. Cason has one at home so the kids knew what to do!

Except poor Cason is a lefty but I think the worker just assumed he was right handed and put him on that side. It took him a few swings to figure out how to hit it!

Cass also wanted to play a pitching game but she was disappointed she didn't hit the target. Miss Perfectionist!

Cutie pie with her daddy!
She had the best time and told us she can't wait to go back!

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Saturday, May 01, 2010


Someday I'll look back on these drawings and smile....

The ones on the floor of my entry way, on the walls of my kitchen.....

The ones that caused my blood pressure to raise 100 points shen I saw them.....

And I hope they remember scrubbing the wall for 10 minutes while crying (Cassidee) and saying "my sow-wee" (Cason).

It's hard to stay mad at them too long!

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