Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here, There, & Everywhere!

Cassidee was excited to know that she'd be playing against Gracie in her last soccer game. Gracie's mommy and I went to middle school and high school together, so it was fun to see our girls play together.

Cassidee's last game was her best yet. She actually ran after the ball instead of running off the field crying!
So blurry cause she's running so fast! :)

Cassidee and her buddy Kiya with their trophies!

That same Saturday we got to have a fun night out to celebrate my sister Kelsey's 23rd birthday and my mom's ..... ahem..... 40th?! birthday!!!! :)

Pretty birthday girls at their favorite place..... Mexican Inn!

The whole group of us!

Cason loves, LOVES him some mexican food!

Dad wasn't quite ready for the picture, but here is Me-mommy and Cassidee at Bass Hall.
We went to see the Sound of Music. Some of the VonTrapp children were the singers. Very cool if you like that movie!

Cass and Kels

Pretty girl on the balcony at intermission, showing off her new dress.
She loved being all pretty that night!

Me and my cutie pie!

All the girls.....including baby Blaze/Blayze in Kay-Kay's tummy!

Complete change of subject........
Now I know what to do if I need a little time at home....
Let them play in the sink!
It killed about 45 minutes.....although Jeremy may not like our water bill this month!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Extreme Concentration!

My Little Man

I just love his sweet face!


My mom is in the green shirt and my dad is in the blue shirt. This is
as my parents are crossing the finish line at the San Antonio Rock-n-
Roll Marathon. This was their first marathon! So, so proud of them!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween and other Fun-ness!

A few weekends ago I had a FANTASTIC girls night in Fort Worth with some great friends. I have a grand total of two pictures from the night.....both of Amie! Dork! :) But, we had a great time, made TONS of new hairbows, ate, watched a movie, and just enjoyed hanging out and talking! Amie's blog may have a little more detail to the night if you want to read it there.

I can't believe I had to share a bed with her! :-P
Every year we go to the Pumpkin Patch with the Way's. Because it was super, super crowded the day we went I only took two pictures. The first one was of Cassidee almost killing herself on the slide.....
Um, can you see how her bottom is not even remotely close to the slide? The was up on the top, jumped, landed once on her feet, then flew head first down to the bottom. Bradley and I were waiting at the bottom to see if she broke her neck. She looked up and laughed. She's NUTS!

Charlie came down in a more safe manner.

On to Halloween and the Trunk or Treat at MIL/FIL's church.
The petting zoo was a hit!

So were riding the ponies. She did it more than once, I think!

Cason preferred the bounce house over anything else.

I have seen lots of pictures of Jeremy and Sam growing up. I think it'll be fun to see Cason and Beau in a lot of pictures growing up together as well!

My kitty cat and puppy dog!
FYI-the costume that Cason is wearing was Cassidee's very first Halloween costume. She was 8 months old. He is 15 months old. That is why the legs of it come up to the middle of his shin. Oh well.....I feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of it!

Mommy cat, baby cat!
(And that's literally what she called us all night!)

(And, she was wearing a cute gymnastics leotard and tights. She asked me why I wasn't wearing my leotard to the, no one needs to see that, sweetie! Then, her exact words were, "Well, then you're not actually a cat, but oh well." A 3 year old saying "actually" is funny in itself!)

Just two cute pictures of Cassidee and a new dress/hairbow!