Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Big Girl

'twas the night before Kindergarten and all thru the house, Cassidee's baking banana bread.... her underwear! Oh well, that's how we roll!

My big girl, who I more commonly refer to as: My BABY girl is all ready to go on her first morning of kindergarten!

She looks so big! Hate that!

Cason had to take a picture too--DORK!!

K2 - Mrs. C's class at DCE

She's standing by her name on the racecar.

Again, Cason can't wait for his own first day pictures!

Love you, Cassidee, and I can't wait to watch all the fun you are going to have in kindergarten this year!!

Pretty girl!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Finn and the Airplane

It's a big day/week in the Broom house. Cason's been potty training for the last couple of weeks. In the last few days he has actually been telling us when he needs to go as opposed to us making him try every 30 minutes.
We had also come up with every bribe possible to get him to (sorry) poop in the potty instead of a pull-up. We asked him what toy he wanted---anything!!! He wanted a Finn McMissile car and the Spy Plane from Cars 2. After a week of begging him to do it, he finally did....while we are on vacation!!! I thought vacation may set us back, but he's done great! No accidents at all....even on the 6 hour car rides!!

Here is the big boy with his Spy Plane that we had to go find in Baton Rouge, La! He, of course, wanted it immediately after he did his deed!
Yea for no more diaper-buying and yea for Cason being a big boy!!!

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