Monday, December 18, 2006

Bring on the Spaghetti O's....

We'll do this post in Cassidee's words...

Hey mom, what is this?

Spaghetti O's? Okay, I'll try 'em.

Not bad, but let me mix 'em up with both hands now!

Look, I got some in my mouth!

Um, I kinda just rubbed my face and now I'm getting a little dirty....

Oh boy, they are starting to go down my tummy and in my lap....

Oh well--they sure are good!

I can clean myself off in the sink! Nice supper---let's do it again tomorrow!

You know it's been a good supper when the food is stuck in random crevices all over your body....I found one Spaghetti O in her arm pit!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I was tagged...

A - Available or single: neither one
B - Best Friend: Jeremy
C - Cake or Pie: cake--with lots of icing!
D - Drink of choice: Dr. Pepper
E - Essential Item you use everyday: chap stick or deoderant
F - Favorite color: blue
G - Gummy Bears or worms: bears
H - Hometown: Decatur, Texas
I - Indulgence: pictures
J - January or February: um, neither excite me too much!
K - Kids & Names: Cassidee
L - Life is Incomplete Without- God, Jesus, husband, kids, family in general, friends...
M - Marriage Date: Sept. 25, 2004
N - Number of Siblings: 2 sisters--2 brother-in-laws, unless Camron already counts...
O - Oranges or Apples: Granny Smith apples
P - Phobias or Fears: being alone (as in: forever), drowning or suffocating
Q - Fave Quote: Can't think of one off the top of my head, except... "2nd place is the first loser"
R - Reason to Smile: Cassidee
S - Season: Winter
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: Whoever wants to....copy and paste...
U - Unknown Fact about Me: I still have a belly button ring--in--no, it's not attractive, but I'm scared the empty hole will look worse...
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: bell peppers
W - Worst Habit: biting and peeling my fingernails
X - Xrays: teeth, tail bone, wrist, finger, chest
Y - Your Fave Food: at the moment, anything chinese--I'm in an oriental mood
Z - Zodiac Sign: I don't know--my b'day is Dec. 27th

Thursday, December 07, 2006

13 great things that have happened in our house in the last week....

Let's do this as a countdown....oh, and I couldn't find a "Christmas-y" Thursday Thirteen banner, so I thought that the beach is where I would always love to be!

13. Going to Larry and Rhesa Gray's house last Friday night.

12. Seeing a turkey in their backyard when we got there.....very random in the city.

11. Watching a black cat stalk the turkey!10. Cassidee meeting Roselyn!
9. Holding a baby that would stay still and not try to crawl out of my lap!
8. Teaching Cassidee to "Be Careful, Be Easy." Nope, she didn't get it!
7. Getting Roselyn's diaper changed....umm, three times?! This was not a momentous occassion in our household, but I know that it was a great day in the Spencer house when Roselyn pooped! (Rachel, she's going to kill me for writing about this one day, isn't she??)
6. Going to the Coppell Christmas Parade on Saturday afternoon. It was rather chilly outside!!!

5. Cassidee taking her first lick of a candy cane. I think she could take it or leave it.....she didn't act too impressed!

4. Cassidee meeting the fire clown after the parade. This was not a first for her, but I needed a #4!

3. Cassidee sitting on Santa's lap on Saturday night. Keep in mind it was 7:00 at night, it was FREEZING outside, and she was tired, hungry, and all the other normal baby things!

2. Getting to spend some time in Shreveport with Cassidee's grandparents and great-grandparents. Nanny had to have surgery, so we went with David and Becky to see her. We hope that she is doing good and we look forward to taking a nice picture of Cassidee with Nanny and Big Daddy when we see them again.

1 1/2. We stayed in a hotel in Shreveport and Cassidee loved playing with the closets mirrored doors. I just thought it was a cute picture!
1. This just made my week---right by the hospital Nanny was in at Shreveport was this restaurant. We found it on our way to lunch on Monday. We didn't stop to eat there--although I'm sure it is a tasty place--but I had to get a picture of it. I don't think I've ever had barbeque that I thought tasted good enough to slap my mama, but then again, I've never eaten at this place!!!