Monday, June 25, 2007

Boston and NYC--Broom Vacation 2007

**FYI**You may want to read the previous post to catch up on the latest news going on in the Broom Family household......
Okay, now for pictures from our Boston and NYC trip. Jeremy says it was not a "vacation" because we were way too busy. We were gone for a whole week. From Thursday to Sunday we were in Boston. We took a bus tour, a whale watching tour, a Fenway Park tour, and a tour of some random cities outside of Boston because I got us on a commuter train instead of the subway......Anyway, back to the trip.....
We saw some very cool (very old) fire stations.
I'm so burned out on baseball right now, but Fenway is one of the coolest places I've been. The game was awesome and they make Rangers games seem sooooo boring. They are great fans up there!!!
The "green monster" or "the wall" as they say up there.
This was one of the whales we saw on our whale watching tour. That was really neat to go on, also.
Make Way For Ducklings!
I bought that book for Cassidee and I took pictures of the statues to put inside the book for her.
Of course we ate at Cheers!
We got to NYC on Sunday and stayed there until Thursday. We went to NBC Studios. We took the tour of that--really interesting--and then we hung out on the street where they film the Today Show. We didn't get to see anyone from the show come outside.

Rockefeller Center
ESPNZone--one of the best places we ate. There were 12 TV screens on the wall. Jeremy was in heaven.......
But he was a little stuffed when we left!

We went to a Mets game. It wasn't as good at the Red Sox game, but they actually won the night we watched them!
The Hershey's Store---smelled like chocolate inside---almost made me sick at my stomach. I didn't like the smell of chocolate when I was preggo with Cass either......
We stopped in some fire stations and fire museums up in NYC. They are very proud of their firemen up there!
Their trucks are neat to look at! Very patriotic!
In the 9/11 tribute museum there were lots of quotes up on the walls. I remember Pres. Bush saying this and wanted a picture to remember it.
The museum actually brought tears to my eyes a few times. The displays of items found at the sight were unreal. A set of car keys, a subway pass, a fireman's helmet.....tears.......
Yes, it is just a big hole in the ground. Funny, people are working all over the place with big cranes and bull dozers down there---I don't know what they were doing, though.
Jeremy got to experience the wonderfulness of being a daddy with a daughter. He got to go in the American Girl Store and help me buy a baby doll for Cassidee. I have a doll from here and I figured she needed one too. All he kept saying was, "That doll is $45? That diaper bag is how much?" :)
We had the most fun in Times Square. We ate TONS of good food there!

Of course we went to the Statue of Liberty. Jeremy was jealous that I had gotten to walk up in the crown a long time ago and we couldn't do that anymore. I don't know if it is a 9/11 thing, but we only got to go as high as the observation deck of the pedistal.

FAO Swartz---so fun! Get outta my way kids, I wanna play the piano!!!
To make up for me having to go to so much baseball stuff, Jeremy took me to see Mary Poppins. He was less than thrilled to go sit through it, but when it was over he actually said that he really liked it!
On the last day we were there, we took a tour of Yankee Stadium. We aren't really Yankee fans, at all, but since they are tearing the stadium down we figured we should go while we could. For $5 you could get your name on the scoreboard. Of course we put the name of our favorite little pumpkin up there so someday she can say her name was in lights!!!
When we got home Cassidee was sure happy to see that we hadn't left her forever!!! Due to a pregnancy craving I made some brownies at 7:30 in the morning---yup, I was really craving them. Of course I gave in and let her lick the bowl---and no one give me a hard time about the raw eggs.....whatever!
She had pretty much licked the whole bowl clean and gave me her normal sign for when her bowl is empty.........."more".............

Have a great week!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

**Add us to the list....**

We have had a whirl-wind of a week this past week......well, actually the last couple of weeks. Jeremy has been working over-time like crazy lately, it seems. Then, a week ago, Jeremy and I left Cassidee in Texas with her grandparents and we went on vacation to Boston and NYC. We had a WONDERFUL time but couldn't wait to get back home to hold our baby!
A day or two before we left on our trip we found out we were pregnant with #2. Another unexpected--but great-- surprise! So, we'll be having another baby Broom around February and it and Cass will be about 22 months apart. We are shocked and thrilled all at the same time. Say a little prayer for Jeremy that he stops "chuckling" about it and comes to term with the fact that another one's coming! :)
I'll get my pictures downloaded onto my computer soon so you can see pictures from our very fun trip!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Having the time of her life!

I love summer! And, I think Cassidee is catching on quickly to the greatness of summer as well. She has had her fair share of sweet treats and fun-in-the-sun lately. Her own chocolate shake, a trip to the grandparents, some cake, some fun at the lake and a new camp chair are some of the things she has enjoyed in the past week!!!
By the end of the summer she'll either be worn out or completely spoiled to this lifestyle!
Here she is enjoying MY chocolate shake from Sonic. Who knew one little bite would turn into this. When I tried to take it from her she actually growled at me.....
Yummy bite!
Jeremy's not a big fan of the let-Cassidee-do-it-herself method. In fact, if you know him at all you know that not only did it drive him crazy that it was all over drove him more crazy that she got the back porch dirty.........oh, get over it, Jeremy!
Enjoying a bite or two of cake at Grandaddy's house
But don't worry, she still remembers to brush her teeth after all those sweets!
Chillin' in her new "camp" chair in her new Dora pajamas.........I didn't know kids stated their clothing preferences so early---but when we were at Wal-mart picking out P.J.'s, she told us exactly which ones she wanted!
We got to spend an afternoon at the lake with some other firemen and their families. Luckily, I really didn't have to watch Cassidee too much---there were plenty of babysitters ready to play with her.
Here she is with sweet Haley who is going to be a great mommy someday. She even changed Cassidee's diapers for me!!!
C is getting some attention!
All that pool swimming makes you tired and hungry. Chillin' in her chair, again, and enjoying the yummy fish and french fries!

Cassidee hopes that everyone's summer is off to as fun a start as hers is!

Friday, June 01, 2007

The only pictures Blogger would let me post.....

I guess I'm going to have to try and finish the post later. These 5 pictures are the very end of the original post I was going to do. I'll try to add more later and see if I can catch you up to this point......
Cassidee and I spent Wednesday and Thursday night at my parents house since Jeremy was working. Cassidee had a lot of fun playing in the sandbox, petting the dogs, walking down to the tank, and basically getting her way about anything she wanted! What else is new?!
Thursday night we walked down to the tank. My dad has a radio controlled boat that he drives around the tank---mostly to make the dogs go crazy!
-Cassidee inspected the boat to make sure it was water ready-
-Dad drives the boat out by the trees in the water-
-Cassidee decides she needs to help drive also-
-Granmommy and Cass-
-One last play in the sandbox before bath and bed-

I have more cute pictures---I'll try again with blogger later---for now, enjoy!