Friday, September 30, 2011

Storybook Character Day & Grandparents Day!

Cason had Storybook Character Day at preschool this week. I should have put more thought into it, but it was really just easier for him to wear his Woody costume from last year. (despite the fact that the pants stopped at his shins)

Here is his class!

He was in a foul mood! He was crabby all day! Later we realized he had a 103 fever! Yuck!

Cassidee also had Grandparetns Day at her school today. She was so lucky to have all 4 come eat lunch with her. Do you like their seating arrangement for the picture? She posed everyone herself!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It was one of those good weekends!

Our fun started on Friday. I stayed at school until announcements were over so I could watch Cassidee go to the office and sign the Good ACT book. It is the rewards system our school uses, and long story short, she got her level 1 punch card filled. When it's filled you go to the office and sign the book.

You also put your thumb print on a circle that is hung in the hall so that everyone can see it!
There are 20 levels and as of today she is 7/10 punches on her level 2 card. We are very proud that she is walking quietly on the hallways, following directions, and getting punches on her card! Yea Cass!

Also on Friday, Jeremy played in a golf tournament while I helped work it. There was a concert after and we got to meet Wade Bowen! (and Deryl Dodd)

Jeremy even spent a little time chilling on Wade's tour bus!!

Saturday night we went out with some great friends to Downtown Ft Worth for dinner and the comedy club. It was so fun and a great way to celebrate our 7th anniversary!!

On Monday the firefighters (aka-Jeremy) came up to school to talk to the kindergarten classes. It was a big surprise to Cass that her daddy was there and she was proud to show him off!!

They let the kids crawl thru the truck!

And waved goodbye to them as they drove off!

She kept smiling all day when people would ask if her daddy was the one who came! :)

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

First day of preschool

Here's a flashback to last year--first day of preschool 2010. (I think Cassidee is the one who has changed the most!)

Now look at this big boy--2011

He looks huge to me! :(

Of couse we had to take a sibling picture! I LOVE that they held hands!

Silly picture!!

And look who else had their first day of preschool--my niece Blayze! She loved school and had lots of fun!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Destin, Fl

Last month we got to go on a road trip to Florida with Jeremy's parents. We took some pit-stops along the way, ate some yummy food, and even got in a car wreck, but we had a great time!

Stop #1 - an alligator farm in Louisiana

Silly girl!

We watched a man feed the alligators from this boat....there were lots of them!

Cason enjoyed the alligator farm!

We, of course, had to take our picture with one!

And staying on the subject of alligators....

We took an airboat ride in Florida to go see more alligators and wildlife.

It took a while but we finally found some gators in the water!

The Broom Family

Cass got to hold another alligator!

Cason, however, chickened out!

We also took a Pirate Cruise. Here is Cass with the pirates on our ship!

Cason took his pirate role seriously!

The kids loved the pirate ship!

Cass helped raise the lines.....or something like that!

Cutie pies!

We went to the Gulfarium in Destin.

There was a huge turtle just walking around!

Cason loved the dolphin and shark tanks!

The aquariums were awesome!

We spent a lot of time at the hotel pool and hot tub!

I loved swimming with this handsome boy....

.....and this cute girl!

But our favorite part of the whole trip was when Cason was sleeping!

Just kidding!

We loved the beach!!!

(Cason conked out one day we were there!) The kids bought boogie boards and had fun with them!

Daddy was a big help getting the kids out in the water.

The kids had to wear their life jackets because there was such a strong current!

Strike a pose---and look what she did!

Who is surprised?! Not me!

Love my little beach babies!

Another pose!

Her daddy decided to copy her!

Sweet picture of my loves!

My handsome boy!

And my pretty girl!

Thanks for the trip, Nana and Poppy!