Friday, January 26, 2007

Merry-Go-Rounds--Farewells--and Bathroom Fun

We finally have Jeremy back home, Cassidee's all better, and things are getting back to normal in the Broom household....well, what's normal....
We had a snow day last Wednesday, but you can't keep us cooped up in the house!
We ended up at Grapevine Mills mall and Cassidee really, really wanted to ride the merry-go-round.
See, she's already trying to climb the fence to get on!
Buckle up!
While riding she rarely holds on and spends a lot of the time patting the horse.
Due to the bad weather on Wednesday, my youngest sister Kelsey didn't leave for London/Oxford until Thursday. It was fun to have one more night with her and her friend Kaylee.
Here we are at the airport. Cassidee is waving to anyone walking by....

Bye Aunt Kelsey---I'll see you in May!

Cassidee says, "My stroller is for me to push, not ride in!"
When we got back home I tried to get my house back in order after having extra people staying there for 2 days. I really wasn't surprised to walk in the bathroom and see her with a roll of toilet paper--still not sure how she got it off the wall-mounted holder....but, cute pictures anyway. I think almost every parent has the picture of their kid getting into the toilet paper. Cassidee didn't do much damage--I consider myself lucky--and I keep the bathroom door closed!
Oh, and she doesn't roll out tons of it. She pulls apart each individual square. Then she takes the square and pulls tiny pieces off of it. Still, I think I'm lucky compared to damage done by other kids with toilet paper!
She woke up with a cold in her eye/a clogged tear duct/something.....This is a pitiful picture, but taken, none the less, for her baby book.
This last picture is not remotely recent. I think it was taken in September. But, it was on my mom's camera. I was going through those pictures the other day and just thought she looked so big sitting up in this swing. She must have only been 6 months old here. She LOVES swinging and sliding down the slide. We can't wait for warmer weather so we can go to the park again!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The baby's sick and daddy's gone....

No pictures to post right now--you don't really want to see what has gone on at our house lately anyway!

Last Thursday morning Cassidee woke up with a stomach bug. She only puked one day, but the messy diapers are still lingering...

Long story short, Jeremy left us on Sunday for Steamboat, Colorado. Yes, he is skiing all week while Cassidee sit at home and miss him (and the snow).

Luckily she is feeling much better. I'm ready for normal diapers to return...I don't know how long it takes to get a baby's system back to normal.

Hopefully I'll have some beautiful Colorado pictures to post when Jeremy gets home on Friday.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It was a very busy Christmas!

First off--Happy New Year to everyone! Hope 2006 was as good to you as it was to us!

We had a busy but WONDERFUL Christmas holiday! We got to see many friends and hang out with people we don't see often enough. Rachel, Jodi, and I had to trade in our annual Christmas shopping trip this year for an hour visit at the Gray's house. We've gone shopping together the last few years, but it was going to be too difficult pushing three strollers around the mall and trying to get anything accomplished with the babies. We sure couldn't have planned this any better if we tried, but we all had babies only a few months apart! They are destined to be best friends--we will make sure they see each other, despite us all not living close to one another.... :(

Here is Rachel and Roselyn (2 months), Jodi and Reagan (5 1/2 months), and me and Cassidee (9 months).

The girls in their matching outfits.

It sure is hard to get them to all look the same direction. Maybe when they are older....

It would be fun to get a picture of them like this every year.....hmmm.....

Christmas Eve:

Jeremy and I had my family and his family, plus some of our good friends, over for Christmas Eve. We always have tons of food and we graze all day long on sausage balls, chips and queso, tamales, and many desserts.

We opened our presents with Jeremy's immediate family. We thought Cassidee would really be "into" the paper and bows and not so much in with the toys.....we were wrong. She loved the toys she got and couldn't wait to play with them!

Look, paper in each hand!

Nana and D-daddy got her a learning table which she LOVES!

Christmas Morning:

After everyone left our house on Christmas Eve, Jeremy and I packed up and we went to spend the night at my parents house. Jeremy even got to experience the late-night-putting-toys-together-Christmas-Eve. I think he rolled into bed around midnight after Cassidee and I had already been asleep a couple of hours. Oh well, such is the life of Santa Clause!

Cassidee's corner of the living room was spilling with toys! She was a very good girl this year, so Santa brought her.....Toys-R-Us!

She was so excited about what was going on that she wouldn't take her bottle that morning. She usually won't be awake more than 10 minutes or so before she is fussing to eat. She wanted to be in everyone's business so badly that, at most, she would drink from the bottle, standing up and looking around!

Aunt Kayla helped her open up some of her presents!

Cassidee and her "house"
Sitting in her big girl "Cassidee" chair, reading her new book with daddy.
Christmas Afternoon:

We went to Jeremy's family's house in Mineral Wells. She was really wiped out from all the Christmas excitement by the time we got there. When she woke up from a nap and seemed to be happy for the moment we opened presents.

She liked playing in the presents under the tree.

She really had the hang of opening presents by this point.

She sat and read her new book for a little while.

And the big present: D-daddy got Cassidee a pony. Well, a rocking horse, but you've got to start somewhere. She would pet the pony's nose.

And she knew exactly what to do when we put her up on top! I see a barrel racer in our future.....

Happy New Year!