Saturday, July 23, 2011

Houston 2011

Last week we took our (almost) yearly trip to Houston to visit the Beaver's. We took our first "family" trip in 2007 and have tried to get back every year since. We have missed a year here or there because of babies being born and such, but I love that Cassidee and Reagan just pick up right where they left off!

This is March 2007. Cassidee was a week away from turning 1 and Reagan was 9 month old.

Neither could walk. Neither could talk. Ahh, the good ole days---just kidding! :)

Same trip

In January 2008 Cassidee and I took a weekend trip to Houston. Cutie girls brushing teeth!
R- 18 months
C - 22 months

I'm guessing we missed 2009..... :(

June 2010, these two 4 year olds had a blast playing together for a whole week!

Still June 2010....the big girls got to go to art camp for three days that week

(in matching/coordinating outfits, of course!)

July 2011....picking up where they last left off!

The played dress up the whole time....and not in costumes, just in Reagan's regular dresses!!

Costume change!

We matched as many outfits as we could last styles too!

We were very lucky to get to go up to NASA with David and get a "back stage tour" of all the things he does while working there!

Here are the kiddos in front of the old (?) Mission Control room.

Cute daddy/daughter pic!

We got to see moon rocks.

I, unfortunately, don't know much about what happened during this part of the "tour." My kids were acting crazy due to being tired and hungry, and then Cassidee ended up falling and scraping her arm on some metal. It was a ridiculous few minutes, but very cool to see moon rocks!

This looks cute, but really they were just complaining their feet hurt and they were hungry!

David got to take us in the simulator that astronauts train in.....atleast I think that's right. I obviously need to pay a little better attention.

This was a dream-come-true for people who like to push buttons, like me!

Hope she remembered to flush! :)

C and R with the "space man" (Cassidee name for astronaut)

I think the coolest part was going to the NBL where astronauts train in the big swimming pool!

It was huge and very, very blue!

There were people in the water doing something when we were there, too.

Kiddos in front of the pool

He looks like such a little man here!

After a fun day at NASA we decided to go to Kemah for dinner since it was our last night in Houston. I hate that this picture is blurry, but I thought it was cute how the big girls colored together while waiting on our food!

Oh, and lets jump back to 2010 again. This is when Cason and Brooklyn's love affair began!

I love that she is smiling at him!

He has always loved her!

And 2011 Cason / Brooklyn picture.

Same love in their pretty blue eyes!

Cass and Brook also have a big love for one another!

And I'll end that crazy week with this crazy picture!

Thank you again, David and Jodi, for letting us crash your house for the week.....and I literally mean "crash!" We had a blast!

Cousin Fun!

We are never lacking for fun when these three get together! Blayze came over on Friday and we had a fun swimming and lunch date! They are laughing so hard that they can't hardly sit in the chair together! :)

Blayze had a blast at the pool! When she wasn't lapping up water like a dog, she was....

.....playing with some toys.....

.....and splashing in the water!
This little guy can't seem to eat or sleep enough in the last couple of days, so I'm thinking we are going thru a growth spurt! (He is also waking up at night complaining that his knees hurt--makes me sad!)

He didn't even want to swim at first.....chowing down on some crackers instead!

But once he saw that I brought dinosaurs he was ready!

Sassy pants!

They love jumping off the side of the pool!

Let's try this together.....

So fun!

Pretty girl walking around saying, "oooohhhh!"

Swimming with her momma!

Crazy hair!

Best game ever....especially if she gets to actually go under water!

Speaking of under water....

Check out the mermaid I found swimming under there!

Dork wearing a pink snorkel!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How can it be? My baby is 3!!!

I can't believe we have already spent three years together, Cason Gage!

Our house hasn't been the same since you've come home with us!

Cassidee hasn't stopped kissing you yet!

This is still, by far, one of my most favorite pictures of the two of you---even if you do look like a baby monkey, Cason!

I like seeing pictures of you with your daddy.....although I love that you're really a "momma's boy!"

1st birthday fun!

This may be my 2nd favorite picture of you two!

You are always very sweet with each other.....almost always!

You love sports! I love hearing you say, "Hook - A - Horns!"

You always smile when I pull out my camera!

You like me to do your hair in a mohawk!

And, although you are very tough, you are such a wimp when it comes to fireworks!

You are not a fan of loud noises!

But, you do love the Rangers and you love going to the games in the summer!

Cason Gage,

You are so much fun to be with! You like going to school with your friends and you like playing outside, but you are most happy when you are with Cassidee!

We love you Cason!!!

Happy 3rd birthday, bubby!