Saturday, January 30, 2010

I guess we're skipping Christmas....

Pictures, that is. Not Christmas itself.
If I can tie my sister down one day, I'll get her to give me the pics off her camera. Don't count on that happening any time soon!
The guy in this first picture may be occupying some of her time. This is Evan and my kids think he is fantastic! We've enjoyed many visits from him since Christmas. And, although he is probably here because he is dating Kelsey, my kids think he comes to play with them 24/7 and he is a great sport about it. We love Evan!
On New Year's Day our family did something new. We went to the Cotton Bowl Parade in downtown Dallas with Jeremy's parents, Nana and Poppy. We had a ball eating at the Hard Rock Cafe! Here's a cute pic of Nana and Cassidee before lunch!

The 6 of us! Cason was ready to get down and run!

We parked on Broom street. How fitting! :)

We had to wait a while for the parade to start. We found a perfect spot and Cass plopped herself in the chair for a while. Thank goodness for iPhones!

Great view of the parade!

The Ole Miss Rebel came by and we got a picture. Cason wasn't a fan.

We prefer Bevo in our house!
A big thanks to a teacher at my school who gave this poster to Cassidee and Cason!

It was Rodeo Day at school last week. Here's my little cowgirl. This girl has got one peanut of a head. That hat was an XS and still too big for her! (but fit Cason perfectly!)

And we ended our week on a great note with BFF Reagan coming to spend an entire day with us. Cassidee skipped half of school that day and they played non stop! McDonalds, painting, dress up, etc. they never stopped! Sweet friends!

Now that I've figured out how to get the pictures off my new camera that Jeremy gave me (thanks honey!) I hope to be posting a little more frequently!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just another day at school for Cassidee....

.....not her school. My school!
The last day I worked before Christmas break was Polar Express day with kindergarten at my school. They all lay in the floor, watch the movie, drink hot chocolate, and wear pajamas. Cassidee came, decked out in her new Ariel pajamas purchased just for the occasion, and had a great time. Not only did she watch the movie, but she also got to play in our good friend Janet's 2nd grade classroom. I think she spent most of her time on the computer in there, but she sure thought she was "big stuff" in Gigi's classroom!
Concentrating hard!
(sucking on her cheeks instead of the usual tongue sticking out)

Someone asked me why I didn't bring Cason also....
Um.... well..... I guess they haven't met my little ball of energy!

Cassidee's Christmas Program and Broom Fam Christmas

Rewind back to mid December and you'll be caught up with me. Blame the holidays or blame me for being lazy, but I'm just now getting on posting Cassidee's Christmas Program pictures and pictures from Christmas.
If I never hear "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" again, I'd be fine! Just kidding! When it is coming from my 3 year old's mouth and she is performing for us on the coffee table for the 17th time (while my dad is playing drums.....long story), then I'm fine with hearing it again! :)

Let me tell you, she can belt it out.
I was up in front taking pictures, but our family could hear just her from half-way across the auditorium!
They also sang "Santa Clause in Coming to Town" and got to ring jingle bells!

Cassidee was super excited that not only were Kay-Kay and Camron coming to see her program, but that they brought Cal with them too! That made her night so great!

Christmas with Jeremy's side of the fam happened on Christmas Eve morning before the big snow. Cassidee got to pick out presents for everyone and I think she did a great job.
Poppy got a blue flashlight!

But Nana got the best gift!!! :)
Cassidee was positive that Nana needed Disney Princess bubble bath and green nail polish.
I think Cassidee was hoping Nana would share should Cass ever take a bath over there.
I know Nana shared her nail polish because Cassidee came home with green toes the other day.
I've yet to see Nana with green finger nails.....

This is the story of our Christmas....
we tried to get Cason to open his presents, but he just didn't care.
Cassidee didn't mind opening them for him, but she would get a little frusterated when he didn't want to stop and look at what he got!
Here she is trying to show him his "Cars" car from Uncle Spencer.

Hope Poppy doesn't mind some slobber with his flash light?!

There you go Cason....atleast look at a present you got!
He loves these cars by the way. You shake them and then they roll across the floor.
He thinks they are hysterical!

Cassidee is going to another pre-school on Fridays now and has to have a nap mat.
She loves the leopard and turquoise one that Nana got her!

Cason also got a super cute camo and orange one, but we haven't gotten him to even sit on it for more than 2.5 seconds!
Maybe I'll post Christmas morning pictures before the end of this month.....we'll see....