Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today we found out......

Our little bean inside me is a very uncooperative thing! We got some of the cutest pictures of "it" but "it" wouldn't be still long enough for us to peek. The lady who did the sonogram---bless her heart, she tried for almost an hour---said that she would guess girl, but it's only like 30 - 40% sure of a guess. She just didn't see anything indicating boy so she guessed girl. I'll have to say, I had orange juice for breakfast and sweet tea right before our visit. I think that when I go in two weeks to my dr. visit and sonogram I'll fast for a couple of hours. Maybe that will keep "it" a little more calm!
So, for now, I say "it" in the blog but I've said "she" and "her" all day, so who knows! :-)
And, I'm re-opening the poll to the side. We go to the dr. in a week and a half, so keep guessing!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Take A Guess.....

Thanks to Amie---shout out---I get an ultrasound on Thursday to find out what this baby is. Vote in our poll as to what you guess we are having. We'll see Thursday if you are right or not!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Not our first ER trip....and probably not our last.....

Does that look like the face of a little girl who got two stitches in her lip? Not really!
Well, it happened over 24 hours ago, so I'm hoping she's forgotten the trauma yesterday!
After church yesterday morning Cassidee was playing on a pew. She ran to one end and fell. When she did that she literally bit the arm of the pew and busted her mouth open. Of course I'm crying because blood is pouring out of her mouth and I tell Jeremy, "her lip isn't connected anymore!" (Yup, a little hysterical and dramatic!) Anyway, after a 3 1/2 hour total visit--maybe longer--we left HEB's ER with Cassidee. She has two stitches in her top lip, needed one on the inside, but the dr. said that it should heal quickly on it's own, and one bruised cheek. You can't see the stitches in the picture very well.....thank goodness.....hopefully she won't have a scar. The bruise is that shadowy line going out the left side of her mouth. I guess we should be thankful that she still has all her teeth.....
Whew! What a Sunday! I could have really used a nap.....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Swimmy Lessons and Valentines Day!

Last Saturday was Cassidee's first day of swimmy lessons. She LOVED them and didn't fight getting in the water one time. In fact, she cried as we got her out, dried off, and changed her clothes. We had to hold on tight to her....I think she would have gone back in the water with her clothes on!
The kids (and mommies or daddies) start out in the kiddie pool to get used to the water before moving to the big pool. I was sad that Jeremy missed her swimming debut since he had to work, but thanks to my mom and dad for coming and taking pictures and video. I think they sat in the grandparent section---they weren't the only grandparents with video cameras!
Does it make me so sad that Cassidee's swim suit is too short for her long-ways and way too big for her around her middle? YES, sad that my swim suits don't fit me like that! :-)

Getting in the big pool---seriously, her face looked like the whole time. She loved the pool!
Floating on her back. She even did good with this part when most kids were fighting against it.
On to Valentines Day!
My day started off wonderful! Not because I got flowers or chocolate or even a card.....Charlie came over to play while Amie ran some errands! Poor guy, at our house he always ends up sitting in or playing with something pink! (Bradley, I'll get this picture framed for you to set on your desk at work!!!!)
Cassidee loved that Amie and "puppy" (long story) had come over to play. By the end of the day she was actually calling him Charlie! We're making progress!
A little snuggle time while they watched some Dora--- sorry Amie, he watched TV.....
Then, so I could go take a nap and stuff, (JUST KIDDING) Cassidee gave Charlie his bottle. She did a great job--it was good practice for her! She didn't like that I sat and rocked him to give him his bottle, so he ended up like this. Our next baby may not ever get to cuddle with mommy if Cassidee has a say-so.Whew! Hard work feeding a baby! After Charlie fell asleep Cassidee re-claimed
her bouncy seat!
Hopefully we started a new holiday tradition last night over at the Way's house. We had dinner at their house, eating lots of red things, and having yummy dessert when we were finished. Here, Amie and Cassidee are having fun decorating their cookies with icing and sprinkles.Who really eats the cookie? We just lick the icing!

Amie convinced Cassidee that the easiest thing to do was just pour the sprinkles straight into you mouth! Yup, called you out Amie! Atleast I didn't tell that you taught her to dip her strawberries in sugar!!! :-) Seriously, love you!!!! :-)
Of course you can't eat all that and make a mess without taking a bath later! This was one of Cassidee's few times to mix bathe so she was rather excited!
Little bubble boy!
He is so squishy!!!
Cassidee helps clean his face!
So much fun! Hopefully that can be a new tradition for our families!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Whew! We've been busy!!!

I am hoping that one day we will find time to sit at home and do nothing, but, for now, we are enjoying getting to "go and do" all the time!
I hate to start with this picture, but here goes! We've tried a few forms of "punishment" on Cassidee.....time out, spanking, go to your room......the one thing that seems to work is sticking her in the corner. And, most of the time she doesn't actually find the "corner" of the wall, but she puts her hands up like this and just leans on the wall crying. It's the one thing, for right now, that seems to hurt her feelings and she knows she's been a bad girl.
Mean mommy for taking a picture!

Cassidee got to go to her 2nd concert of her life last Saturday. We got free tickets to see the Doodlebops. Although she doesn't watch their show very much, she had tons of fun singing and dancing during the concert.
Thanks Scott, Rain, and Cal for the tickets!
Bye Bye, Mo!And, bye bye Trailblazer! :-( We sold my car this week (in hopes of purchasing something that gets lots better gas mileage), and I'm kinda sad still.....
The photographer in our family!
And then, our funnest time of all this week......
Cassidee got to ride on an airplane for the 2nd time in her life to go to Houston and see Jodi and Reagan! (Thanks Rach for the ticket)
Cassidee was GREAT!!!! I can't even say that enough since I was nervous taking her by myself. She had her own seat on the way there, and although we had to share a seat on the way back, she slept the whole way!
She LOVED the apple juice and pretzels snack on the plane!
I love her smile---so happy (and looks like such a big girl!)

Of course we have to match the girls as much as possible. So, when we got to the Beaver's house that night, Cassidee put on her purple jammies like Reagan was wearing!
Who doesn't wear sunglasses while brushing their teeth?
Jodi and I took C and R to the Houston Zoo. Although lots of it were under construction we had tons of fun and got to see lots of animals!

Eating lunch at the zoo is the best!

Playing on the benches
This picture is from March '07---the first time we took the girls to the zoo. They are sitting in an eagle's nest. They look soooo tiny!
And now look at them! Almost one year later and neither one would sit still or look at the camera!
Hi Mr. Frog!

That's not all the pictures from our trip, but Jodi has them on her camera.
All in all, fun and busy week!
We start swimming lessons today, so I know we'll have cute pictures to post of that soon.
For now, I'm going to take a nap!

Friday, February 01, 2008

What a fun day!!!

Cassidee and I enjoyed a good part of the day yesterday by ourselves. Jeremy had to go out for a little while, so we did quite a few fun things together.
Cassidee got a little impatient when I couldn't help her get some cereal right at that moment. So, she went to the pantry and got the cereal. She went to the cabinet and got a bowl. And, she began to get her own cereal.....

I looked down and wondered how she poured it.....but then I realized it was coming out one hand-full at a time!
Happy Cassidee with her bowl of cereal!
Uh oh, mommy! That's what I heard when I walked back out of my bedroom and into the kitchen. She kept asking me for milk---to which I kept saying "just a minute." Poor Cassidee and those silly footy pajamas! They were too slick, so she busted on the kitchen tile floor. Oh well, it made for some cute pictures!
Then, once we cleaned up the cheerios we decided to do a little painting. "Mink, mommy" (pink, mommy) That's our favorite color these days! (And, I have to add that just in this last week she has learned pink, yellow, black, and white) And, I also think it is weird that she won't ever say red. That seems like an easy color with a short name to learn, but she never will say it! Weird!
Proud of her "geeeen" painting!
Then, mommy thought we needed to take a walk. I had cleaned the kitchen and the bleach smell was giving me a headache. I asked her if she wanted to ride in the wagon to the park.....silly question. So, off we went in the 30 mph wind and stayed at the park for all of 7 minutes. She was cold, but she liked it.
Riding on the motorcycle. Her poor hands were FREEZING by this point!
Anyway, I hope that I don't get her sick from taking her out in that cold wind.....I really thought it was warmer than it really was!

And, to top off our night, Cass went to Nana and Poppy's house and Mommy and Daddy went to see a movie. 27 Dresses was good---I thought---and Jeremy even enjoyed himself and cracked up at a few parts! I'm glad he is a good sport to go to chick flicks with me!