Monday, March 31, 2008

I think I need to buy a book....

I was talking to a sweet friend about this last night. I seriously hate to rag on my daughter in any way because there are times that I think she is the sweetest, smartest, most precious thing in the world. BUT---there are times that I really need to take a time-out from her. From day one of her turning 2 years old she has changed. She is talking a mile a minute, which is completely fun and adorable, until the words, "NO", "MOMMY STOP", or "Un Mimmet" (one minute) come out of her mouth. Little sassy pants! And the tantrums---OH MY WORD---she can bend her body in ways that gymnasts can't, I think. I dragged (yes, dragged) her up the stairs yesterday just trying to get her dressed for church. She didn't want to because she was watching cartoons. I was literally doing the "hold her up by one arm and swatting her diaper with the other hand" walk up the stairs! We try everything with her.....go to your room, stand in the corner, spanking, and ashamedly I've even thumped her on the arm before. So, I need some advice, what to do, how to deal, anything. At the least, tell me a good book to buy! Seriously, I love her to death...... but, ......

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Grandparents, B-day party, Easter, and more....

Only out in the country in Decatur can you let your kid play outside like this! Pink crocs, capris, brown shirt, red jacket, and straw hat with a maroon band and flower on it......WHATEVER! :) Cassidee and I spent the afternoon at my parents house on Friday. Cassidee is never bored! She and Grandaddy always have stuff to do!
Get the leaves out of the fish tank and feed them.....

Put some bird seed out to feed the birds.....although Cassidee would rather put the seed in the chiminea......guess she's going to roast the birds once they go in there to eat!
And run through the "pur-pa" flowers.....
The next morning I made her birthday cake for her family party that night. She really wanted sprinkles on the cake. I didn't know she could get the lid off the sprinkles.....
......or that she would dump the bottle out in her hand...... Fun times of being a mommy!
Saturday afternoon Cassidee got to participate in the church Easter Egg hunt/party. She hunted eggs for a couple of minutes.....
....but she preferred to just play on the playground!
She went inside for a snack (decorate your own cupcake with icing and jelly beans). She just ate the icing off the stick and was done with it all!

She colored her easter egg magnet for the fridge.
And she could not wait to get in the bounce houses. She is a jumpin' fool! Sweet Camille was so nice and patient with Cassidee. She helped her get in the bounce house!
Cassidee loved the obstacle course bounce house too!
Later that night we had her party at the house. "Cheese" by her cake with sprinkles on it!

Opening her present from Mamaw and Grandad. (My dad is in the background acting goofy!)

She got a Diego tricycle that was a huge hit! Daddy and Uncle Camron were so nice to IMMEDIATELY put it together for her!
Aunt Janet got her a duck/chick?! It sings a version of the chicken dance. Super cute and it makes Cassidee "wiggle" when it's playing!
Easter Sunday
We were lucky to get to spend Easter with friends from church. Daddy had to work, so we missed him, but had tons of fun with our friends!
A huge thank you to the Blake's for inviting us over for brunch. The food was so yummy and the kids (at least mine) had a fantastic time!
Here is the best picture that I got of all the kids!
Cassidee found a new love---the piano!
Mommy found a new love----knowing we didn't have one at home!
(that certainly makes a lot of racket!)

Sweet friends playing together!

We had a huge hunt for the kids! There were dozens and dozens of eggs hidden everywhere. We picked up so many and there still may be some hiding in the bushes!

Tip-toeing into the flower beds!
Olivia was a pro---she knew what to do!
Maddox got him some eggs in his cool camo basket!

Check out that cute bunny!

Noah's basket was constantly overflowing---he was the expert hunter!
(Don't know what happened to my picture of Camille, but she got tons of eggs too!)
All the kids stopping to check out their loot!
The awesome easter bunny (thanks Kimberly) brought Cassidee another prize! She got a My Little Pony---which is always a big hit!
Again, sweet friends Cassidee and Olivia (or Cow-dee and Livia, according to them) loved playing together today! I think there may be a few finger prints on the windows from them! :)


Saturday, March 22, 2008

The first of a few birthday posts....

I'll have to start with some non-birthday pictures from the last week or so. We've been busy around here and have hardly had a chance to stop and rest on our spring break. It's crazy, but that's how we like it!
Taking some time to sharpen her computer (and alphabet) skills. Cassidee love Fisher Price online. She plays the alphabet game as long as I will let her!

L is for Lion---she loves to make the animal sounds as they pop up on the screen!
Last Saturday we went to David's Bridal. Cassidee is lucky to be the little flower girl in my sister Kayla's wedding. Her dress was a little big so we are getting it altered. She wasn't too sure about the lady coming at her with a bunch of straight pins....but she perked up and was a very good / still girl after she got her paci and some stickers!
Pretty girl!
On to birthday party #1! Chuck E Cheese worked so great for us this year! We invited tons of kids and I didn't have to entertain them at my house! I don't know what I would have done with them---especially since it was pouring down rain that day! (Thanks to all the moms who dragged their kids and themselves out in it to come to her party!)
Little dancing girls!
Cassidee, Olivia, and Roselyn were dancing to the music---or just sizing each other up! :)

Birthday girl looking at us like we were crazy when we were singing to her!
Chucky came by to say hi, but Cass wanted NOTHING to do with him. Look at her arms stretched out for her daddy!
After a quick hi-five to Chucky she devoured two cupcakes!

Tons of fun in the house and slide---this time with BFF Reagan!
Riding the horsey with her friend Cal.
Little Cheaters! :)
Whew! Long day = needing a drink of daddy's dr. pepper!
Thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who came to celebrate her birthday! I'm working on a post that will have a slide show of pictures with everyone that came. Surprise, surprise, blogger won't put it on here right now!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our morning with Charlie

This post is for Amie!
First of all--big shout out for baby Cason's first little blue clothes from Charlie. I love, love, love them and I know Cason and Charlie will be great friends!

Aren't they so cute?! They look so little!
I'm not going to lie---he watched a little Mickey Mouse while he was sitting in his seat. It did keep him entertained for a good 20 minutes (just in case you need him to do something while you cook dinner or something!)
He was all smiles while he played after breakfast!
Of course Cassidee had to help him get his "pappy" in his mouth. She shares her love for pappies with every baby she knows!
And he is sound asleep right now. We've loved having him here! Bradley is on his way to pick him up----thanks again for letting him play with us! :)

Randomness of Cassidee.....

The first picture isn't so random, but it is cute, so it had to be included. Last Saturday night Cassidee and I went and hung out with Jodi and Reagan while they were in town. The girls enjoyed their McDonalds, lots of playing with toys, and, of course, a bath.

Don't they look so big!? (Yummy ranch, huh Reagan....) :-)

Jeremy thought this picture was funny. She propped herself up on the pillows and just had her feet resting up on top. This is her favorite spot for watching her favorite movie right now....NEMO! Trust me, we watch it multiple times a day......
After taking a bath you ride your 4-wheeler around naked, right?!
Then, my favorite of the week.....

walking around all morning in a diaper and her Easter sandals.

Check out that must have been a good night's sleep!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We found out.....

How many of you voted girl?
Well, you were.....
It's a BOY!
We're thrilled, stunned, and in a state of shock and complete excitement!
We're off to get rid of the pink in the nursery.... :-)

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