Saturday, March 22, 2008

The first of a few birthday posts....

I'll have to start with some non-birthday pictures from the last week or so. We've been busy around here and have hardly had a chance to stop and rest on our spring break. It's crazy, but that's how we like it!
Taking some time to sharpen her computer (and alphabet) skills. Cassidee love Fisher Price online. She plays the alphabet game as long as I will let her!

L is for Lion---she loves to make the animal sounds as they pop up on the screen!
Last Saturday we went to David's Bridal. Cassidee is lucky to be the little flower girl in my sister Kayla's wedding. Her dress was a little big so we are getting it altered. She wasn't too sure about the lady coming at her with a bunch of straight pins....but she perked up and was a very good / still girl after she got her paci and some stickers!
Pretty girl!
On to birthday party #1! Chuck E Cheese worked so great for us this year! We invited tons of kids and I didn't have to entertain them at my house! I don't know what I would have done with them---especially since it was pouring down rain that day! (Thanks to all the moms who dragged their kids and themselves out in it to come to her party!)
Little dancing girls!
Cassidee, Olivia, and Roselyn were dancing to the music---or just sizing each other up! :)

Birthday girl looking at us like we were crazy when we were singing to her!
Chucky came by to say hi, but Cass wanted NOTHING to do with him. Look at her arms stretched out for her daddy!
After a quick hi-five to Chucky she devoured two cupcakes!

Tons of fun in the house and slide---this time with BFF Reagan!
Riding the horsey with her friend Cal.
Little Cheaters! :)
Whew! Long day = needing a drink of daddy's dr. pepper!
Thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone who came to celebrate her birthday! I'm working on a post that will have a slide show of pictures with everyone that came. Surprise, surprise, blogger won't put it on here right now!


Jodi said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl! We had SO much fun at your party, and Reagan will not quit asking for you! She misses you so much!!! I have loads of cutie pics of you girls together that I will blog soon... sorry, Mommy is behind. Anyways, we love you and can't BELIEVE you are TWO!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Bunch of Oranges said...

she is gorgeous!!! she wil be a perfect flower girl!!!!