Wednesday, May 28, 2008

4D sonogram of Cason!

On Monday my mom and dad were super nice to take Jeremy and I to Window in the Womb for a 4D sonogram of Cason. I got one of these with Cassidee and figured I needed to have one with Cason as well. It's a good thing we went when we did....Cason is a big boy! The sono lady said that if we had waited much longer he would have been too big to get his whole face in one picture! My word! We got some terrible pictures.....I say terrible because I think I got good ones with Cassidee, but we got to see his sweet little (BIG) face and that was good enough! We got confirmation once again that he is a boy---so that was good news as well. Here are two pictures that almost look identical of his little face.....


In this first picture if you look on the right hand side of his face that is his arm sticking up and he is actually holding on to or playing with the umbilical cord......a little freaky.....hope it doesn't slip down by his neck.....

Just another sweet face shot. She also said he has a lot of, where is that??? I guess I"m doing good just to be able to tell the parts of his face......
And here are 4 pictures from Cassidee's 4D sono.....

I'm not sure why they are so small and spaced like this, but hopefully you can see them.

The top left pic is her leg, knee, both arms, and her legs spread enough you can see that she is a girl! Top right and bottom pics are her face. Bottom right pic she is sticking out her tongue....funny at the time, not so funny when she does it to me now! ;)

Don't you think they look soooo much alike?! Yes! They both look like little aliens! But, I guess when you are their momma then you think they are cute!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just some pics of Cassidee!

We've actually spent a little more time at home lately. I feel like we've been going and going and going for the past few months, so it's been nice to spend a few days at home without going anywhere! Just a warning---when we stay home all day we tend to walk around in our PJ's all day and we definitely don't do our hair!!!!
I made Cassidee an "Art Box" that will stay in the downstairs closet. She is a crafty little sucker that loves to color, paint, cut, and put stickers on anything! She worked hard while I organized her box!
She also discovered a love for scissors. She can't open them up with one hand, so she opens them with two, sticks them on one hand, makes one cut, and then starts all over again. If you need the edge of a piece of paper fringed, just ask Cassidee. That kept her busy for over 30 minutes!
Then she got one of mommy's good forks---good choice Jeremy---since she didn't have a shovel, and she played in the dirt in the backyard. (We've since bought her a shovel!)
Memorial Day '08
We had a FUN time at the Holmes' house on Monday. Cassidee could not wait to get in the pool with Presley. They squealed and laughed all afternoon!!!!
Daddy got in the pool and he just can not let Cassidee swim around. He has to constantly be throwing her, pushing her, pulling on her, etc. They had TONS of fun together! Here is my first shot of Cassidee getting tossed up in the air by daddy. It only makes me a little nervous that he threw her so high I only caught the bottom of her legs.....
Next shot.....I was a little more prepared for how high she would go. She loved "flying!"
Daddy and Cass
Look at those pretty girls---Kimberly and Presley!
This was taken in the middle of Maddox's and Presley's screaming match. They would shreak at each other. It was hilarious!
Cassidee enjoyed an Elmo cupcake when she got out of the pool. Life doesn't get much better than that for a little two year old!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daddy is our hero!

Each year in May the Coppell Fire Department has their annual Medal Day Ceremony. This ceremony recognizes the new hired firefighters from the past year as well as handing out awards to the firefighters for things they've done in the past year. Jeremy received a life-saving award this year. It means that he went on a call for a person who was clinically dead and brought them back to life. He has received EMS Commodations (he did a great job on a call requiring him to use paramedic skills), Fire Commodations (doing a great job at a structure fire.....don't know much detail about that one), and others that I can't remember. It's nice that he works for a department that recognizes hard work and a good job, and we are so proud of him each year!
This year his department celebrated it's 50th anniversary. Medal Day included the normal swearing in of new hires, the awards, and a guest speaker. They brought in firefighter Mike Kotula. He is a 26 year veteran of FDNY. He suffered losses in his company on 9/11 and his firehouse just celebrated their 100th anniversary last year. Although it was HOT outside and I was chasing a squirmy 2 year old around, his speech was very interesting and inspirational. It was actually just funny to hear a yankee talk after Jeremy's fire chief said, "Yall can have a seat." :-)
FF Mike Kotula
Jeremy receiving his life-saving award
Because it was the fire department's 50th anniversary they also had a formal event later that evening. Now, I know my firefighter doesn't like to get dressed up, so having to wear his dress uniform was a big let-down for the night! Here is a picture of all the guys that Jeremy works with on a normal shift. I know they all referred to the formal event as "Prom" (and LD Bell's prom was actually right next door in the next ballroom at our hotel so we enjoyed their music all night!), but I do think his guys cleaned up well and looked very nice!
There's something about a man in a uniform.....
Jeremy and I at the formal. The green bridesmaid dress just wouldn't work so Jeremy bought me this black dress. I didn't look quite as fancy as some of the other wives, but you take what you can get (or fit) when you're 7 1/2 months pregnant! I even wore heels---who's impressed?
And, I wish I had a picture of the 3 of us together. Jeremy's mom took one of us at the medal ceremony but I haven't gotten it from her yet. Cassidee saw Jeremy for the first time that morning and said, "Daddy, pretty." She also said, "That not daddy's hat." Click on the picture of him receiving his award and you can see their dress hats they have to wear. I think those hats make them look like bus drivers! It cracks me up that Cassidee was wondering why daddy wasn't wearing his standard UT hat! :-)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pics from Kayla (my sister) and Camron's wedding!

This first pic is obviously not from the wedding. It is my mom and my youngest sister Kelsey. The weekend before the wedding they ran the Hills and Heels half marathon in Dallas. I just posted this picture cause I'm proud of them. At this point in my life I can't ever imagine running that far, but they claim they are doing a marathon one day. They want to run the Disney World one or one in Hawaii so they have good scenery to look at. I might be able to run if I'm on a beach in Hawaii.....

This is a picture of them finishing the race hand-in-hand.

Now, on to the wedding pictures. A few of the first ones are from the rehearsal. Cassidee and Cal (Camron's nephew) were the flower girl and ring bearer. Can you imagine how this was going to take place with both of them being 2 years old???!!! I have to say that I was completely blown away and impressed at how well they did. We didn't ask them to just walk down the aisle with everyone else---Nope, they came riding up in a battery powered Jeep! Cal is a great driver and he and Cassidee got in by the garage of the house and drove all the way around where everyone was seated under the tent. Cal helped Cass out of the jeep and they walked down the aisle together. Now, granted, they only stayed at the front with us for about a minute and a half before they ran off to play, but then again, what do you expect from 2 year olds!?
Here is their practice drive up. Yes, they have their seat belts on!

Jeremy was an usher but he walked my mom and grandmother down to their seats during the sweet!

Wedding Day!!!


Cassidee took a great nap that day considering the wedding was at 6:30 that night. By the time she woke up and Jeremy brought her in to get ready she was a very happy girl. She really didn't know what was going on when she was seeing 8 girls all getting hair and make-up done in one bathroom, but she was excited to join in.

I had just finished my make-up and she found my bag and asked for some too. She was all smiles when I told her that I'd put some on her!

She sat sooo still and knew exactly what to do! Did I mention that she got a manicure and pedicure earlier in the week? Yup, my two year old has pink toenails with flowers on them courtesy of the lady that did my pedicure. Cassidee knows what to do somehow, because she put her feet in the spa water, sat sooooo still while the lady did her nails, and then showed them off to everyone that day. She does the same thing when I put make-up on her. I can see pedicures as bribery someday in the far future---although Jeremy thinks it's ridiculous that she already knows what to do! It's a girl thing, daddy!

Got her nails done.

Got her hair done.

Got her make-up done.

She's waiting sooooo patiently! (and eating a bunch of bribery candy too!)

Finished product! She kept saying, "I peetty, I peetty." (I'm pretty) So cute!
My sister with Cassidee. Again, so cute!
The three of us sisters looked so pretty that day!
Our family's wedding pic!

Big congratulations to Kayla and Camron! They are coming home today from their week long honeymoon to the Domican Republic! Soooo jealous, but I hope they had a great time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cassidee's boyfriend....

I know her daddy only wishes that he were her boyfriend, but I think there may be a new man in Cassidee's life! She's being really sweet and sharing a snow cone with her daddy, but..... the end of the night it was Hayden who got some lovin'! He really went in for the kiss, too. We may have to watch those two!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A post for my moms....

--I couldn't find the two pictures that I wanted so these two pictures will have to work.

Happy Mother's Day to both the moms in my life.
I'm so thankful to have both of you so close by and I appreciate what each of you do for me and my family. I'm so glad that Cassidee knows each of you and loves spending time with you. She knows your house when we drive up the street. She knows that at Me-mommy's house she can play with the "kids," ride Clip-Clop, feed the fish, and play with Krizy. She knows that at Nana's house there are always Icee's in the freezer, she can torment Holly, and loves playing in the pool. I'm sure there are secret things yall do at both houses when I'm not there! Thanks for loving my baby and taking good care of her for me. I never have to worry when she is with you---I know, I should stop calling all the time!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Cassidee with Me-mommy
Cassidee with Nana
She is only 12 or 13 months old in both pictures---you'd think I could find something more recent....oh well!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Decatur, Zoo, and Caddo.....we've been busy!

When I take Cassidee to Granmommy and Grandaddy's house there is never a dull moment. We were driving down the driveway to go eat supper and my dad noticed a snake in the road. Instead of reminding Cassidee that we stay away from snakes they got her out of the car and had to get a closer look at it. I thought she might be scared---she wasn't!

A little bit closer look!

Cassidee's busy day consisted of....

Playing in the sandbox with Grandaddy.....

Flying a new Nemo kite.....

Riding Clip Clop.....
And eating an ice cream cone.....
It was a good day for Cassidee!
Thursday we had fun going to the Fort Worth Zoo with Shara and her friend Leslie. Leslie's daughter is Haven, and she was precious. Maddox was the man of the day. Here they are, ready to hit the zoo!

"Let's go, Momma!"
Checking out the alligators.
Smiley girl by the zebras!
Then, being the busy people that we are, we took a weekend trip to Caddo with some great friends. Jeremy and I haven't gone in 4 years, I think, and we were so thankful that we got to go this year. I knew Cassidee would have a good time. I had no idea that she would cry when we left.
Here's just some of the fun that she had:

Playing on the bed in the motor home with Reagan.

Check out those two happy girls!

Jodi is brilliant and bought bubble guns for the kids. She was sweet to help Cassidee learn what to do with it.

Cassidee, the bubble gun pro. She loved it!
Here she is telling Reagan to help her pop them!
This was great entertainment for two little girls!
Jeremy had some fun himself! I'm so thankful that he is a little more careful than his brother on a motorcycle. (Ha Ha Trevor!) He got on and convinced Joe that he knew what he was doing.....I think he just went up the road and figured it out. He was on it every time it was available. Dad, Jeremy says to buy a couple of these!

This was a good corral for the kids when we wanted to keep them away from the bubbles, the lake, the bridge, the food, the house......

Jeremy has discovered the greatness of little girls since having Cassidee. Here is one of his favorite girls right here. I think Reagan likes him too!
Watching a movie on the bed. It was a cute picture, although they didn't stay like this for more than 30 seconds!
I know this is totally blurry, but this is Cassidee's new thing to ask Jeremy for, "Fly, Daddy!" Luckily, he doesn't seem to mind honoring her request. I'm not going to lie---it makes me a little nervous when her neck and back jerk backwards---I guess he knows what he is doing!
Sitting on the bridge, looking at the yucky water!

Walking with daddy---just a sweet picture!

Her first motorcycle ride. Thanks Aaron! She liked it, despite the look on her face.
And, thanks to Adam for taking her for a ride on the 4-wheeler. There are some great daddies that have fun with the kids at Caddo!
Danny (who is also brilliant) set up a tent just for the kids to play in. What little girl who wouldn't want to play in a tent with Barbies, make up, and purses. Cassidee sure did think it was fun!
Ella put some make-up on Cassidee.....

Then Cassidee put some make-up on Reagan!

Then Cassidee tried to convince the boys to open up some nail polish for her. Too bad it was really "stuck!"
After the make-up it was back to the dirt for my little girl!
Still inseparable, Cass and Reagan ride the little 4-wheeler.....
....and the Barbie jeep.

See, don't you understand why she would cry when we left. She had soooo much fun, and is still talking about it. She also may have cried because she was so tired from lack of sleep and it being 3:00 with no nap yet......
Still, we had such a great time! Thanks to everyone who made the great food and let us crash the Caddo party! We can't wait to do it again!