Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just a bunch of pictures.....

Nothing new or exciting has been going on in the Broom house lately. We've tried to spend as much time outside as possible. The weather has been great and we have been out working in the yard when we can. Cassidee "helped" me plant flowers in the front flower bed on Thursday.
"Where did my shovel go?"
After planting in the front we went out back to blow bubbles
and kick the soccer ball.

We need to brush up on the "no hands" rule of soccer---

unless she's going to be a goalie!

Running to get the ball.....

Every time she picked up a tennis ball in the yard I could hear her saying something, but I couldn't understand what she was saying......

Once she came a little closer I understood her saying "egg."

I think she thought they were Easter Eggs!

The next three pictures are blurry because I was far away---but they show the progression of Cassidee doing exactly what she was told not to do!

Don't touch the flowers......

Don't climb up there.......

Stop pulling the petals off!!!!

After being outside we all needed to take a bath. Cassidee is quick these days, and sometimes runs off before she is dry and has a diaper back on......

She decided her chair was a little more comfy when she sat in it naked!

Then, this is what I found when she got out of the chair! Terrific!

On Saturday Cassidee and I spent the day in Decatur. We got to hang out with Aunt Kelsey and hear more about her European semester. Cass and Kels are playing with Annie and Katie--the dogs.....

She and Granmommy talking to Annie

Grandaddy took her down to see the neighbor's horses

Cass says she likes that one best

Cass stopping to smell the flowers

Look mom, pretty flowers!

Taking another whiff!

They were taller than she was!

Cass and Grandaddy looking at the tank....

...And then walking back up to the house

She road around the yard on the lawnmower (tractor....right, Jeremy?!)

with Grandaddy

I love you Aunt Kelsey!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


My sister Kelsey, who has been in Oxford, England since January, came home yesterday! It was so great to pick her up from the airport! She had a fantastic semester and I think she'd recommend it to any college student! She got to visit some great places and has shared lots of neat pictures. Check out her myspace page and click on her blogs. You'll see pictures from Greece, Paris, Italy, and Spain--just to name a few!

Glad you're home Aunt Kelsey! I missed you! Love, Cassidee

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fireman Dolls, Cassidee the Golf Pro, and a Wonderful Mother's Day for me!

Jeremy and Cassidee were playing with a fireman doll the other day. Jeremy feels the need to explain all the equipment that comes with the fireman doll to Cassidee--like at the age of one you need to know about axes and SCBA's......

"...and here is his ax....."
Cassidee adjusts the fireman's helmet
And then she decides to talk on his walkie-talkie.....
......and listens to see if anyone talks back.........
Just a cute picture of Jeremy and Cass
Yup, that's her tickle spot.....

Cassidee got her first set of golf clubs last week. Her daddy would love nothing more than her to get a college scholarship for golf and for her to play with him on the weekends. So far she isn't great at hitting the ball, but she did a nice job of knocking a lamp off the end table in the living room.......
The good 'ol one handed hit.....
She doesn't always follow the legal golf rules----wait, you're allowed to pick up the ball with your hands when it rolls under the kitchen cabinets, right?!
Please ignore my face in this picture, but I thought she looked really cute here. Whatever you do, don't call attention to the bow in her hair, if you see her with one......She wants NOTHING to do with bows in her hair and I managed to sneak this one in there. I thought she looked really cute, but when she reached up later and touched her head, the bow came out....oh well, it lasted an hour!

Mother's Day side note:
I had a wonderful Mother's Day, although I agree with Jodi that Mother's Day is something for your mom and grandma---I'm not old enough for Mother's Day. Jeremy and Cass did some great shopping and got me an IPOD Nano and even got me the drive + play thing so that it is all hooked up in my car too! Very cool! Anyway, I'm certainly lucky to have a wonderful, precious, completely rotten child that makes me the proudest mommy in the world. And, I'm also very lucky to have my mom and my mother-in-law who are the greatest women in the world! Both are always willing to help me out (cleaning, babysitting, ANYTHING) whenever I need it. Thank you to both of you for being great mommies and helping me learn how to be a great mommy to Cassidee! Love you!!!

I'll end with a sweet, sweet picture. Cassidee picks and chooses when she is going to be sweet and "give kisses" these days. They don't come very often so I take all I can when I can. She was ready and willing and I finally got a picture of it......

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bunch 'O Stuff

Before you read any further, go to Rachel Spencer's blog and check out her post titled C.R.R.-BFF. Cassidee and I got to take our very first mother-daughter road trip by ourselves, outside the metroplex, and stay for more than a day. We went to Paris to see Rachel and Roselyn, and we were joined there by our Houston friends Jodi and Reagan. (C.R.R. = Cassidee, Reagan, Roselyn....)

Anyway, I could post another set of 30 pictures, but since Rachel's already done it, why bother!?

Let me give you a little preview of what you'll see......3 girls, all within 7 months of each other, in matching clothes, crammed together in a chair, yeah, you get it......

Here's a random pic of Cass. I was trying to take a cute picture of her and her new church dress. All she wanted to do was ride her horse. Yup, she got her way and I got a picture of a horse's behind!
This is Cassidee after licking a lemon--seriously--she wanted it back, even after making that awful face!!!
This is my new favorite thing that she does these days. She has a basket in the living room that we keep all her books in. She LOVES books, I am so grateful for that, and she "reads" them every day!

Lately she'll take all the books out of the basket....

She puts her sheet inside the basket....

She crawls in....
Grabs a book.....
And a feather duster, and enjoys her books!
My other new favorite thing about Cassidee!
NOOO, my favorite thing is not that she sleeps. My favorite new thing is that she wants to go to bed on her own. She doesn't want to rock or cuddle, just stick her in her bed and close the door. Yes, this made me very sad at first. I felt like she didn't want me anymore. Now I realize that she's just becoming a big girl and can do big girl things by herself! (Big girl things are a big deal, right Jodi!?) Anyway, I love that I can lay her down and she'll cuddle with her sheet and drift off to sleep! Such a big girl!!!