Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinosaur World, Lake, and Sea World!

We have had a crazy busy few weeks, and it finally looks like our summer is slowing down. We took the kids to Dinosaur World last week, and I'll say that we will be going back soon. It was small, but they LOVED it! Cassidee kept telling us what dinosaur was what. I had no idea she watched so much Dinosaur Train at home! The kids wanted their picture in front of EVERY. SINGLE. DINOSAUR., but I'll spare you the redundant pictures!

Did you think these were T-Rex's? We sure did, and took tons of pictures of them.....
Only to walk up, look at the sign, and notice they aren't t-rex dinosaurs. Oh well!

We decided to leave when Cason kept trying to climb the fence and pet the dinosaurs!

We left Dino World and headed to LBJ lake. Jeremy's grandparents live right on the lake! We went to the lake with the Way Family last year and we decided that it needs to be an annual trip for sure! We love going out on Grandad's boat!

These kiddos also love the boat! (Minus Charlie's bout with motion sickness)

Cassidee is completely F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S when it comes to riding in the tube. You can't ever go fast enough for her! She loves the bumps, jumps, twists and turns! Definitely my little dare devil!

I wouldn't call Cason a dare devil, but he rode the tube without crying in the end. He's not a huge fan of water, so he was a little intimidated at first. He warmed up to it in the end!
He preferred to hang out on the boat and wear gay hats instead!

Love this pic!

Gotta brag on my honey for a minute....
He's never wake-boarded ever. He got up on his 3rd try and did really well! I think he liked it!

Amie and I found some super classy tattoos at Walmart for the kids. (is that an oxymoron---classy tattoos?) Anyway, Charlie and Cass were well covered. Cason opted for a small, tasteful tat that was some kind of heart and wings (?) and I wrote MOM above it in sharpie. CLASSY!

Looking tough with his tat!

Our next stop, after two big lake days, was Sea World!
Probably not the smartest idea since we were so tired from being on the boat. Regardless, the kids did really good. We had fun waiting in line for 30 minutes to ride the Shamu roller coaster. Cass and I are in the very back car and Amie and Charlie are in front of us. (I'm pointing at Jeremy in the picture)
Cason wasn't tall enough for the coaster, so he just sat and looked cool in his stroller!

This may be the only picture I got of the two of them together all day. The waterpark was a hit since it was SO STINKIN HOT all day!
I tried getting a pic of the 3 of them.....emphasize *TRIED :)

I snapped a couple of pictures of Cason that just looked cute.....
(This one cracks me up because I just told him we were going to see animals and he yelled at me, "I see sharks?!" :)

Checking out the sea lions

And we got to feed the dolphins. Cassidee could have stayed and petted them all day!

Feeding them some slimy little fish!

Another attempt at a group picture. I was so irritated at Cassidee because the boys were actually looking and she wasn't.

And then when she did look, she struck this pose. Really?! :)

Last show of the day....Shamu show. Hot, tired, sweaty, stinky, hungry, & sleepy, but LOVED the Shamu show!
We had good seats and Jeremy got some great pictures of the whales.
I loved Sea World! I think I'll just go when it's not so hot next time!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Camp Deer Run 2010

If you ask Cassidee at any given moment where she'd like to be, she'll probably say Camp Deer Run! She was beyond thrilled we were going out there again this year, and if she hadn't been so tired, I know she would have put up a bigger fight when we left yesterday!

Cassidee enjoyed Silly Songs in the Rec Hall and then headed with all the other kids to see the fireworks!

She quickly pooped out, though!

The next few pictures show what Cason did at CDR.....
Lots of canteen time.
I'm still trying to convince him that he doesn't get candy every afternoon!

He played with balls on the ball fields!

He played with rocks on the bleachers!
And, if you'll look closely, my kids walked around with permanent kool-aide mustaches all week!
We dropped Cassidee off every morning with the PeeWees. She LOVED it!!

It was fun to see her with her group around camp and not hanging out with me like she had the last 3 years. Sniff, sniff!

She loved her counselor Jenny!

And she loved swimming every day with her friends. I think she went down this slide 20 times a day!

Cute little swimmer!

This is what Cason did when I tried to take his swimmy picture. Cheese ball!

Aunt Kelsey swam with us one day!

Cassidee got to help the kitchen staff serve supper one night. She was proud to be in charge of the corn!

We went to the cookout spots with all the groups.
Jeremy and Cason headed out in search of weenie sticks.

Cass stayed with Evan and gathered fire wood!
Big helper!

Taking a break before cooking hot dogs!
Cason enjoyed his hot dog!!!
Cason also really enjoyed Hawaiian Day and the fruit at canteen. He spilled his drink all over his shirt so we just ditched the shirt!

Cassidee loved the strawberries!

Cassidee asked me to take her picture one morning before PeeWees. She was so happy to get to pack her bag with swimsuit and towel every morning. She felt like a big girl getting to carry her stuff with her every day!

We caught up with her later and got to see her working on their craft of the day!
Here are all the PeeWee girls!

Cason often slept late into the morning. One day we ventured to the office while still in his pj's. We got to see Drayton in his pj's and had to take a picture of the two boys together!
They are going to have lots of fun together next summer!

We also walked down to watch some of the boys making teepees for outcamping. Cason thought they were pretty cool!

Cason and I would venture up to the crafts hall occassionally.
He loved his buddy Andy!
Cason also got to sit on a horse one day.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Cass on a horse.
She loved riding!

We enjoyed a visit from friends for Wednesday night church.
Cason and his buddies, Riley and Nolan, found a mud puddle in the pavillion.

The mud puddle quickly turned to mud hole outside the pavillion and they were head to toe covered!

They looked pretty cute all covered in mud..........but luckily camp is equipped with a "tub" big enough for 5 muddy kids!
Please don't tell the health inspectors about this part....

Crazy girls!

On Thursday Cassidee's PeeWees got to have their own cook out. She had to wait in line to get her hotdog and drink. (difficult concept for a 4 year old, trust me!)
She was also not super happy because she spilled her drink not once, but twice in a matter of minutes!

But she was happy later when I took her to the crafts hall to do some painting!
Then, once all the campers left for out-camping, our family took the 4-wheeler out to visit everyone! It won't be too long before all 4 of us won't fit!

We went up to Hoche out-camping where Sparky and Matt had been cooking a turkey for a few hours. (Trying to out-do the typical chicken....) I will say, although it wasn't thoroughly cooked in some places, it was tasty!

And Thursday we also celebrated this handsome little man's 2nd birthday!

He liked his signs that were hung for him!

We went to Ty and Janelle's house one night and interrupted a game they were playing. Cassidee talked them into playing her "made-up-on-the-go" game.

Cole wasn't thrilled that he never seemed to win!
And we thought it was hysterical that Cason kept pointing at this picture and saying "Jesus". Okee dokee!

Cassidee got invited to a super special "princess party" one night. She picked out these pajamas and this pose!

Here she is, waiting on the girls from Women's 1/2 to join her!

They had a fantastic time!

The princesses were visited by a very special Knight.....Sir Blake!
Cassidee and her picture poses crack me up!
Cason spent many mornings and evenings this way.....donuts and a movie in bed!

For those of you that know what a snake lover Cassidee is, she was super excited to get to see the copperhead eat a rat while we were at camp. Cass let out the most sinister laugh I have ever heard when the snake attacked the rat. She sat and watched for a LONG time while he ate the rat. I went to lunch.....too gross for me!

Poor Rat!
Cassidee made her acting debut as Tinkerbell in Women's 1/2 Killi Kapers! I still can't get all the glitter out of her hair!
Cason's biggest buddy for the week was out great friend Drew. Cason misses Drew so much now that we are home. They were great friends at camp!
One last swim with friends during the Baby Roundup before we left for home.

One last jump off the diving board for my little dare-devil!

And one last picture of these three BFF's who don't get to see each other often enough!

I know that Cassidee definitely can't wait until we go back out there. Jeremy claims we are staying for two weeks next year. The kids will be in HEAVEN!!!