Monday, June 20, 2011

Camp Deer Run 2011

The camp pictures I have at the moment are the pics on my phone. Still don't know how I went out there for a week and forgot my camera. :(
Cassidee picked up right where she left off last year and quickly found a pet lizard! We first started going to camp when she was 15 months old. Wow!

Hawaiian day and my little hula girl! Cute pose cracks me up!

Evan and Kelsey came to visit one night. It was weird for them to not be there all week!!

Love her!

Climbing the big hill up to the cookouts!

Tired out---in the sand!!!

Every good camper gathers fire wood!

Blurry since he wouldn't stop walking. He kept saying, "I helping, momma!"

Helping our favorite staffer Blake start the fire.

Blake with the kids!

Daddy and Cason cooking their hotdogs!

Long, hard week!!
Yes, he is breathing.....his lips are blue from a Popsicle!

I love sleeping kiddo pictures!

Watching one last movie as we packed up to head home. :(

I'm so grateful my kids love CDR as much ad I do. Cass was trying to convince some of the staff members to let her stay with them the rest of the summer, promising she could dress herself and that she wasn't scared of the dark!!! :)