Monday, February 27, 2012

My baby.... growing up way, way, WAY too fast!

She lost her very first tooth on Friday at school!

She lost her second tooth on Saturday morning as we were walking out the door!

The girl has gotten some serious loot for the teeth. Somehow the tooth fairy even gives you double the money when you're staying at Grandaddy and Memommy's house! Funny how that happens!!!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day....Colorado Style!

Here are a few ski pictures until I get the other 500 on my computer!
To say the kids are doing great at skiing would be an understatement! When Cason gets tired I have to remind myself he is only 3!! Cassidee almost never gets tired, wants to stay longer, and is actually much faster than me---that's not shocking. She can turn, stop, and even hop as she is skiing along!! She rocks!!!
V-day morning came with sweet friends bringing heart shaped donuts to all of us!

Cason has done way better than we expected!! They only take 4+ in ski school, so we lied about his age! :) He did a half-day on day one and a full-day on day two! He's pretty awesome....except for stopping!!

He's riding the lift with his instructor----she loved Cason!

And here is Cass riding with Jeremy! He picks her up from ski school at 3 and takes her back for more for another hour! He was worried that he wouldn't be able to "help" her since he is on a snow board---she doesn't need help!!! She's never even fallen while getting off the lift!

*we even took the kids for a half day yesterday afternoon. We rode the huge quad lift up and the kids did awesome! I'm super proud and Cassidee is already counting the days until next year when we come back!
Here's a pic of two cuties---we are sharing a condo with friends and this is Landon. They look alike with the blonde hair and blue eyes, and these two "love" each other!!

Happy Valentines Day from my two loves.....what a stinker next to that snow bunny!!!

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