Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 more weeks....

I know two kids who are ready for Christmas!!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

I did it!

This weekend we went down to San Antonio. My parents and I ran a half-marathon but we also thought it'd be fun to take the kids and show them the sights!
We rode one of the River Boats. The kids loved that!

We stayed in the hotel next door to the Alamo and we walked over and toured it. We explained the story of the Alamo to the kids. Cass was worried there would still be shooting going on when we got there. We must not have explained the ending very well!

Cason's favorite part---a cannon!

And the coon-skin cap!

We walked around the Expo after getting our race packet.

Rock N Roll girl!

About to run....

I was totally overwhelmed and it took me a few miles to actually calm down. It was so crowded and foggy!!

But I finished! I crossed the finish line hand-in-hand with my parents, which was cool! It wasn't my best time ever so I'm going to try another one in May. Just call me half crazy!!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

October Wrap-Up

Lots of pictures----
We've enjoyed the warm weather and playing at the park!

We've played hard but crashed even harder, most days!

I went to Painting with a Twist one night---so fun!!

We've had soccer every weekend. I LOVE watching Cass play and feel like she is very talented!! Here she is goalie!

Here are her scraped knees after the game!

End of season, getting her trophy and posing with her awesome coaches!

Cason, on the other hand, is fun to watch, when he is actually on the field! If you look closely you will see a plastic dolphin sticking out of his mouth! (one of the rare times he decided to run on the field!)

Here he is---same trophy, same coaches as Cass!

I wanted a pic of each kid with their trophy. You'll see after Cason's progression of pictures why I never had time to take one of Cass!
Mean face!

Silly face!

Uncooperative face!


Okay, that's a good one!

Quickly followed by a cheese face! Dork!

Here is what he usually is doing on the soccer field!

Moving on....
We went to Top Golf! So fun!!!

The fire clowns came to DCE. Cass felt pretty cool that she knew them and got a hug from them!!

I took lunch to my moms school and brought this cutie pie with me! Check out all her necklaces!

We always head out to the pumpkin patch and have pics with our favorite movie characters! I've taken theis pic of Cass every year since she was 6 months old!

Nemo, of course!

They LOVE Madagascar!

Best Friends!

Cass and Charlie


What a nut!

Horse Rides at P's birthday!

Boo at the Zoo! Cason wanted his pic with all the animals!

Glitter tattoo!

Painting pumpkins!

Dress up day at preschool! He wouldn't look at me!

His cute class!

All decked out for our church fall festival! Her pose kills me! :)

He wanted to stand the same way as her!!

My cuties!

More tattoos!

Pretty girl!

Trick or Treating is tonight! Happy Halloween!!

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