Saturday, January 07, 2012

Holiday Break

We wrapped up holiday parties at school.....

.....and Christmas shopping for daddy at Cabelas..... (I love this pic of Cason and Blayze!)

....and enjoyed the holidays! I took less than 10 pictures the whole break, but that was because I was enjoying what was going on around me!!! The kids received fun gifts from our family!!!

Cason got a tool set!

Cassidee's favorite gift was her American Girl Doll!!

Twins! Ha!

And we had tons of fun playing with Blayze!!!!

Here we are on Christmas Eve!

After Christmas Cassidee got to take her doll, Paisley, to get her ears pierced and get her hair done.

Pretty girls!

The kids got me a Smurf cake for my birthday---and tried to take a big bite of it!


And here are the two pictures I took from our Houston trip---the fashion show put on by Cass and Reagan!

Lovely bride!

We are now back in the swing of things, wearing new clothes to school.....

.....and crashing out in the floor at 7:00 on Friday night!! :-)

Happy 2012! It's gonna be a great year! - Posted from my iPhone