Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cason has a great big sister!

Cason has been with us for 3 weeks now and we are loving the fact that it's really seeming real! (It may be some sleepless nights that make it seem that way, but it really does seem real!) He is getting big---he gained a pound in a week and weighs 7 lb. 6 oz now! Yea!
Here is a pic of one of my favorite onesies!

Cassidee's done great with Cason at home. We try to make sure and give her plenty of alone mommy and daddy time. Monday she helped me make an apple pie.
Sprinkling some cinnamon.

And rolling out the pie crust.

If I ever said that Cassidee loves Cason that would be a complete under-statement. She adores her little brother and can not wait to tell everyone around about him. She tells everyone to "Wook at my brudder." and she always says "He so cute, he so soft." She is completely precious around him and I can only hope it stays that way.
Ooops, Cason got a little tired of their game.
She asks to hold him ALL the time!
But she is so sweet and it's hard to tell her no! Sweet girl!

Here is a picture of Cassidee's first experience playing the Wii. My sister Kayla has one, so we had dinner and some Wii playing on Monday night!

Cassidee practicing her tennis swing! Daddy took these two pictures tonight......
The picture is really dark for some reason, but it completely melts my heart!

Friday, July 25, 2008

What we've been up to....

Sometimes you just can't thank grandparents enough for bringing over a package of 100 ball pit balls.....uh, yeah, I think one was in my bed last night. I'm finding them everywhere......oh well, they are entertaining for her!

And our little man is 2 weeks old now.
I'd say "He's getting so big!", but really, he still feels super tiny. And, the highlight in our house this week:
Getting both kids rooms finished!
Well, I say that.....we have to exchange Cassidee's curtains because they aren't quite long enough, and we still have stuff to hang on Cassidee and Cason's walls, but all in all, we're pretty much done!
We painted Cassidee's walls pink. It's definitely a girlie room, but she loves it. We even rearranged her furniture so it really looks like a big girl room now!
Letters compliments of Jodi.

Here is Cass seeing her room for the first time. (She just woke up from her nap....)

On to Cason's room.
Sports themed, obviously.....we can't wait to get the rest of the stuff hung up on the walls!

Can you tell what is wrong with the next two pictures???

We must have gotten confused as to who goes where!
(Actually, Cass slept in Cason's bed while we finished her room. I layed Cason on her bed while we were working in there. Jeremy was NOT a fan of me taking a pic of him on a pink bed. Oh well, Cason shouldn't be scarred from it--he only layed there about 10 minutes! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just some pictures of our now everyday life!

**I'm way too tired to write anything witty, so here's a few pics to tide you over till next time! **

Cass is always helping--she's a great big sister!

Cason says "Hook 'Em"

My grandmother and my son---priceless picture!
Just a cute pic before they left for church this morning!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're Home!

Here are a few more pics from the hospital and some pictures of us at home with Cason. We've enjoyed every minute of having him home with us now--despite the small amount of sleep we are going on!

Mommy, Daddy, and Cason's hands

Baby Cason
He is chilling in his carseat in the NICU--he had to pass a carseat test in order to come home.
Daddy and Cass deciding that it was time for us to take him home.
Cassidee in the car ride home.
And once we got home Cason chilled in the carseat and Cass watched "Cars".
Cass holding her brother for the first time!
And this is what a typical morning is like: Daddy holding Cass and Cason and watching cartoons.
I've been asked if Cass likes Cason or if she is jealous or anything.....the next two pictures should answer that question....

Yup, she loves him and says we can keep him!
Thanks for all the calls and prayers. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cason's Friday Update

I spent most of the last feeding just staring into Cason's little eyes! I love that he is a little more awake today and that he is looking around and trying to figure out what is going on. I can tell that he knows mine and Jeremy's voice and calms down a great deal whenever we talk to him. He is doing great. His feedings have increased and he is handling them so well. He took enough in the last feeding that he was able to have his IV removed. :) One less cord to deal with when we hold him!!! His jaundice level was slightly higher today, so that's my specific prayer for him today that it will go back down. We really just need him to be a great eater and they will let us take him home. We still aren't sure what that day will be, but we do appreciate any prayers that you can send up for our little man. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

*Proud Big Sister Cassidee*

Cassidee LOVES getting to go see her "brudder." She is so good about being quiet and still in the NICU and I'm so thankful that she gets to go in and see him. She's going to be a big help when he gets home!

Every little boy needs the essential hospital gear:
Longhorn hat and football!
All decked out!
Daddy and son in their matching UT hats!
Jeremy bottle feeding Cason for the first time

This is the sign on his bed in the NICU
Little boy with his eyes open.
He was awake most of the time we were in there for his latest feeding!
(Notice his face is tube free!!! Yea for no more oxygen or feeding tube....hopefully we will stay that way!)

That's one happy momma with one sweet little boy!
All of the nurses have commented on his loooong toes!
Love that little hand!!!
I thought that this was a cute smirk on his face. He is chilling under the bili lights with his shades on. Jeremy says we have our own little glow worm!
A quick update:
After talking to nurses and the doctor and seeing him first hand, everyone says he is doing great! He is not on any oxygen, he hasn't needed his feeding tube for any feedings today, and he is only slightly jaundice, so they are trying to nip that in the bud really quick. Basically, as long as he keeps getting the hang of eating from a bottle then we can take him home soon. The doctor said she would predict that we could take him home, possibly, late Sunday. We are super anxious, obviously, but want to make sure he is absolutely ready to come home. He is doing great and know that we can attribute that to your prayers.