Sunday, July 06, 2008

What we've been up to....

....a fat lotta nothin'!

I'm not going to lie---bedrest isn't all it's cracked up to be. You'd think I'd totally appreciate laying in bed all day and having people bring me stuff. Yup, it's fun.....until about 10:00 am, then I'm ready to go to the swimming pool, Target, or just get up and get some more stuff ready for Cason. But, I'm finished complaining.......for now. And, if anyone is bored this week, please, PLEASE bring your kiddos by to play with my child. Poor Cass has been super, but I know she is ready to play with some friends since she is even missing church this morning because of me! Seriously, stop by our house..... :-)
Now, on to our happenings from the last two days.....
On Thursday July 3rd Cassidee had school. She wore her 4th of July outfit and actually posed for me before we left the house.

Our cute little firecracker!

Random pictures, but this is her new favorite snack. I'm glad she likes this over some of the junk that she asks for. Here she is spreading her peanut butter on crackers. I have to give her everything to do herself or she says, "Mommy, my do it, my do it!" Okay, okay!
Licking that yummy spoon!
Blurry but cute!

And this was our 4th of July evening. No going out, no watching fireworks (unless you count the black cats that our neighbors lit until 11:00 that night---seriously, I'm old because at 10:00 I was ready to go yell at them since I was trying to go to sleep and I didn't want them to wake up Cassidee. Jeremy told me to chill out.) So, Cassidee wore her hat from school, we watched some fireworks on TV, and she ate a Dora popcicle. That's a great night for a little 2 year old!

2 weeks at the most until we meet Baby Cason!!!


Rachel said...

I love her dress! And if we lived closer, you know we'd come camp out all day. I don't know if we'll make it over before that sweet baby comes, though. Sorry!

Jodi said...

We would be over in a heartbeat to keep you BOTH company if it wouldn't take me 5 hours and $50 in gas to get there!! Man, it just stinks. I'll call you though... hang in there!!!

Robyn said...

So sorry you are stuck in bed these days! I say that, but then part of me is a little bit jealous since J.J. just woke me out of a deep sleep in which I was dreaming of possibly getting new living room furniture. I think I could handle a little more bedrest in my life. No, seriously, you are sure in my prayers that these days pass quickly and smoothly for all y'all. Y'all take care!

Tracy said...

Bed rest stinks! At least you don't have much longer 'til Cason comes!! So hang in there!

Heidi said...

I was on bedrest with Ryan and I KNOW how LOOOONNNNGGG it can be! Hang in there and know I am lifting up prayers for you and Cason!