Monday, May 30, 2011

Backing up in order to catch up...

Our last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with very fun things! We have enjoyed playing outside in the wonderfully warm, but not hot, weather!

We had a small graduation party for Cassidee, which was a good excuse to get a cake from our favorite place in Decatur. Yes, it says Happy Birthday----she felt bad, but we didn't care!!

We took a trip to the mall one day. I entertained Cason on the merry-go-round so Cassidee could go to....

....Build A Bear!
She got a special trip there with Evan and Kelsey to get a flower girl present....her kitty cat, Ariel!

We have had swirling clouds go over our house that brought some tornado sirens and crazy weather!

But all of us in my neighborhood just stood in our driveways to watch the sky!

We had a fun co-ed bachelor/b'ette party for Evan and Kelsey!

And a lingerie shower for Kelsey!

Cassidee gave her pins to wear that say "Happily Ever After"

Cassidee explaining where she got them!

Cassidee and Camryn got pedis before the wedding!

And also went to get their hair curled!

She aged a few years on me! She looked like such a big girl!!!

And then she crashed!!! Literally---for a couple of hours!!!

More wedding pics coming soon!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Cassidee's officially a preschool graduate now! If time flies when you're having fun, we must be having a a blast! It was a happy/sad night!

Our night started with supper at McAllister's. I can't resist pictures of them walking together!

Although it was Cassidee's graduation, Cason got a "present" in the form of a new CARS book, hoping it would help keep him quiet during the program!

Showing it off!

Cassidee's wish come true....she got a Flynn Rider doll!

All of the Pre-K classes performed together before getting their diplomas.

Ms. Kimberly announcing the graduates, and Cassidee standing with Ms. Kelly, her teacher!

Cassidee wants to be an animal doctor or a cowgirl when she grows up.....well, that's what she wanted to be last week anyway!

Ms. Kelly with her sweet class!

Ms. Kelly's little blonde girls!

I still don't think Cassidee understands that she isn't going to kindergarten with Chloe and Presley....sad day when she does realize that!!!

Most of Cassidee's biggest fans came to see her graduate! She got more flowers than she could hold!!!

Me and my sweet girl

The 4 of us!

Oh, Ms. Carrie!

Words cannot describe how much we are going to miss seeing you at school!

We love Ms. Carrie!

Good-bye Preschool, Hello Kindergarten.....let me grab a tissue....

Friday, May 06, 2011

I can't take much more excitement!

Soccer is officially over for the season! In her last game she scored 2 goals. She scored atleast one goal in every single game this year! Awesome!

This kiddo keeps me on my toes! Unfortunately for me, every time he does something he isn't supposed to, he give me this cheese face and I start laughing! It's not making my discipline job easy! I laugh just looking at this picture!

The kids got to bring ladybugs home from school. We took them in the backyard to release them. (a rare picture that includes me)

Opening the lid...

Crawling all over Cassidee's arm...

I had to eventually flick them off!

We are already going to as many Ranger games as possible and we love autograph night with dollar hot dogs!

Chatting with Chris Davis!

Love these boys!

Cason still doesn't like the fireworks!

This pretty girl got to spend some time in the doctor's office getting her foot x-rayed. She either jumped or fell off a rock wall at the park. Even after crying in pain while being x-rayed, this is the pose I got when I took the picture!

And how fast does time fly??? Here is Cass in the gym at Kinder Round-Up! She can't wait to go to "mommy's big school" but I'd like to turn back and freeze time.....

She looked so stinkin' cute in her new dress she picked out!

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