Saturday, December 27, 2008

The best birthday present....

.....was given to me from Cassidee!
Woo Hoo---I thought this day would never come.
It's been almost a week of only panties, and so far we are completely accident free and she hasn't asked for a diaper one time!
How come something like this is making me a little bit sad? You'd think I'd be thrilled to have one less diaper to's just that she is growing up too fast. She'll be three soon, and I feel like I haven't soaked up every single moment that I have needed to up to this point. Okay, I think I'm rambling because I'm getting sappy.
No diapers---AWESOME!
Congrats Cassidee!
I'm sure this post will completely embarrass you someday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I finally stopped sneezing!

Last week we went with the Way's to a Christmas tree farm. It was so fun, but in reference to the title of this post, I'm very allergic to cedar trees and sneezed the whole time we were there! Anyway....back to the fun-ness of the post. I didn't get a good picture of Cass and Charlie at all....they were either blurry or not looking at me! I did, however, get some good family shots, which is what I was needing!!!
Cassidee was singing like the Charlie Brown characters!

I love her pose!

Mommy and Cass

Daddy and Cason

Mommy and Cason

The four of us!

And I'll leave you with a goofy picture of Cason. He sleeps in his swing ALOT. He always seems to prop his arms up on the sides. I tried a hat on him to see if it was one he could wear yet. I went to tell Jeremy that it looked good on him. I got side-tracked and came back later to find him like this. Good grief he is chunky!!! (and he kinda looks like a train conductor!)

3 days till Christmas!
(more importantly.....5 days until my birthday!!!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A day late, but she'll understand....

I wish I'd had my act together enough to get this out yesterday, but I didn't.....who's surprised!?

I just couldn't let Jodi's birthday go by this year without saying something. I know her birthday was less than normal yesterday considering she spent a lot of it at the hospital with sweet Brooklyn. I know her mind was on that baby and not on herself and her day. I love Jodi more than I can put into words. I treasure our friendship. I'm grateful for the advice she gives me and that she'll just let me call and talk and ramble. I love that she loves my kids like they are her own kids and I love that Cassidee knows Jodi, even though we hardly ever get to spend lots of time together. I like that I can call and she knows what kind of day I've had just by the sound of my voice. I LOVE that she knows how important it is to me to be a "big girl" and completely understands when I call her and tell her that I did another "big girl" thing on my list. (Turning 30 next week will almost complete my list! :) I love that we've gone on trips together, skiing and to the beach, that we shop together, and that we try so dang hard every year to get together with us and Rach for our annual girls time....even if we have to drag our kids around with us. I love that our kids will grow up being best friends---even though they didn't have a choice---and that they love each other so much, even though they hardly get to play together. It's so funny that I used to have lots of pictures of Jodi and I, but I can't find a single one right now. I guess that since we have had kids we just take pictures of them together.
So, I'll leave with this picture of Cass and Reagan. We rode the train together one day when they were in town this summer.

Jodi, I'm so grateful to have you and your friendship in my life. I am so glad you had a good 31st birthday! I can't wait to hug you!
Love, Kendra

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I hate how time flies....

Seriously, time flew by with Cassidee, but with Cason I blink and it is gone. Wow!
Here's my little man with his monkey. Not the best smile, but he was being sweet with his arm around Mr. Monkey!

His personality has really started showing itself. He "talks" all the time, just like Cassidee did. He wakes up in the morning doing that, which is pretty cute, and gives me an extra 5 or 10 minutes to wake up! He started eating rice cereal at about 4 months. He didn't like it at first, but caught on pretty fast. We have also started beans were first.....and so far green beans and green peas are a hit!
We put him in his jumper for the first time the other day. I think he was ready for a nap by the time we did it because he didn't seem too thrilled, but he did smile a lot when Cassidee was helping him bounce. I do have to say.....Cassidee took this picture of him--pretty good for a 2 year old!
He has -finally- started to try to roll over. He is very content wherever he is, usually, so when you lay him down he really doesn't care about rolling onto his tummy. He's rolled from his tummy to his back, but this is as far as we get going the other way.

And now for the Christmas card out-takes. I may do our card next year that is just out-takes. They are pretty funny.....


Oh my word!

Did anyone else happen to notice that the problem with the picture was because of my 2 year old. Hello.....she understands "sit and smile." My 5 month old was fine.....Cassidee must have a mind of her own! :)
The next two are the cute ones! I LOVE matching p.j.'s!
And while we are on the subject of " I can't believe how fast time flies...." , let me just say that I can't believe how big Cassidee is getting. She knows how to use my cell phone. I'm not kidding. She knows what speed dial number Jeremy is, so she calls him at work. I was on the phone with him the other day and asked him if he wanted to say goodnight to Cass. He said that he had already talked to her. I asked him when and he said that she had called him a few minutes before. OKAY!?!? I don't think she's called anyone else.....but, she knows how to scroll down the phone book and can recognize Amie's name. I don't know if she's called her by herself yet or not, so Amie, here is your warning!
My big girl got to ride in her very first parade last weekend. We were in the Parade of Lights on the fire department float. Kids of the firemen got to ride, and Cassidee wanted to, so we signed up. It was so stinkin' cold! She did a good job waving to the first few people, then we just snuggled to stay warm. The picture isn't great, but my mom was trying to video and take pictures all at the same time. I'm the dorky person in the red jacket that is pointing!

Now, I'm off to wrap some Christmas presents. Yes, for those of you that know how behind I was in shopping, I actually braved the stores yesterday and got some presents. I'm not done, but I have made a dent in my list finally!
Happy Holidays!
And, keep praying for baby Brooklyn.....she's so cute I just want to kiss her!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Brooklyn Hope is here!

I haven't gotten a hold of Rachel yet to post on Jodi's blog, but I figured some of you were checking google reader and would see this. Brooklyn is here! She was born at 8:20 something this morning. Grandaddy Larry wasn't sure of her height and weight yet since they were doing that in the NICU, but he said she was pink, plump, and perfect!
Keep checking back as I'm sure Rachel, David, or someone will post more information on her blog!
And, keep praying for Brooklyn.....she will be having surgery in the next 24 hours.

We love you Brooklyn, Love, Cassidee and Cason

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our First Family (of 4) Vacation!!!

We packed up the kids and headed to Denver for Thanksgiving this year. A little crazy considering the 15 hours in the car with 2 year old and a 4 month old, but it went GREAT!!! We were shocked at how well they did. We drove through the night both there and back, which was hard on Jeremy, but the kids were awesome! Here are some pictures of our fun week.....
Cassidee and some reading material on the ride up!

Our first sight of snow.....not in Denver since it was in the 50's all week.....we went up in the mountains and went sledding one day!
Family photo, minus a sleeping Cason in the car!

We went to the Denver Butterfly cool!
They had lots of other animals besides a tarantula, that I actually held, because my daughter chickened out.....brave momma!

Cassidee was talking to Dory!

Cassidee and her new best friend Ashley....(Ash is my cousin's daughter)
She was Cassidee's "babysitter" all week and poor Cass is missing her!!!

Cute Daddy and Dee Dee

Another day we went to the Children's Museum of Denver. It has rooms full of all different things for you to rooms, drama rooms, sports rooms, animal rooms, etc.
Cass loved the clay.....too messy for me!

Doing a little painting....luckily she doesn't remember that we forgot to go pick it up after it had dried!

A room where you could build things out of recycled materials.....Jeremy helped Cassidee build a tractor from an empty cardboard box, butter tub lids, an egg carton, and some brads!

Cass sliding down a slide in an animal habitat room.

Helping plant a garden...

This is what poor Cason did the whole time....he was dragged from one place to the next. Luckily he was pretty easy to deal with!

Having a picnic outside the was COLD that day!

Playing on the rings before we left! MONKEY!

My cousins had a trampoline (or "pramp-o-ween" as Cass called it)
It was a hit with Cassidee!
Good aunt and uncle for playing with her!

We went to Dinosaur Ridge one day!

Climbing some rocks with Grandaddy!

She wanted to read the sign to Daddy!

Kayla, Camron, Jeremy, and I went skiing on Thanksgiving Day. Copper Mountain was the best place with the most snow and still only had 10 of 130 runs open. We had lots of fun doing the same thing over and over!

Jeremy and I

The last day everyone was there we went sledding again....Jeremy and I tried didn't work!

And, it snowed in Denver at my family's house. That made the trampoline extra fun!

A cute pic of Jeremy and Cass!

And a very tired Cassidee on the ride home!

Thanks to my cousins who let us stay at their house for over a week!
We had a blast and can't wait to see you again!