Thursday, December 18, 2008

A day late, but she'll understand....

I wish I'd had my act together enough to get this out yesterday, but I didn't.....who's surprised!?

I just couldn't let Jodi's birthday go by this year without saying something. I know her birthday was less than normal yesterday considering she spent a lot of it at the hospital with sweet Brooklyn. I know her mind was on that baby and not on herself and her day. I love Jodi more than I can put into words. I treasure our friendship. I'm grateful for the advice she gives me and that she'll just let me call and talk and ramble. I love that she loves my kids like they are her own kids and I love that Cassidee knows Jodi, even though we hardly ever get to spend lots of time together. I like that I can call and she knows what kind of day I've had just by the sound of my voice. I LOVE that she knows how important it is to me to be a "big girl" and completely understands when I call her and tell her that I did another "big girl" thing on my list. (Turning 30 next week will almost complete my list! :) I love that we've gone on trips together, skiing and to the beach, that we shop together, and that we try so dang hard every year to get together with us and Rach for our annual girls time....even if we have to drag our kids around with us. I love that our kids will grow up being best friends---even though they didn't have a choice---and that they love each other so much, even though they hardly get to play together. It's so funny that I used to have lots of pictures of Jodi and I, but I can't find a single one right now. I guess that since we have had kids we just take pictures of them together.
So, I'll leave with this picture of Cass and Reagan. We rode the train together one day when they were in town this summer.

Jodi, I'm so grateful to have you and your friendship in my life. I am so glad you had a good 31st birthday! I can't wait to hug you!
Love, Kendra


Tracy said...

Awww...Great post!

Jodi is a good friend to have, isn't she?! :)

Bunch of Oranges said...

She is lucky to have you as a friend! Treasuring friendships in this life is important! Sweet post! Enjoy the last days of your 20's oldie! :) Love ya!