Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheer Clinic 2010

(Half my pictures are blurry for some reason....sorry!)
Cassidee and good friend Alix (A's daddy is a firefighter with Jeremy) did the CHS Cheer Clinic last weekend and they got to perform with the high school cheerleaders before the football game on Friday night. Cassidee is bound and determined to be a cheerleader now! She may not have fully participated the entire time (she is only 4), but she LOVED being a cheerleader!
Here is Alix and Cassidee on their day of practice.

We dropped the girls off and took their brothers and daddies to breakfast and to the park while they practiced. There is a backyard of llamas right by the park so we went to check them out.

Cason and TJ didn't plan to match, but they looked awfully cute!

Cason enjoyed the park and extra attention from mommy and daddy while Cass was gone!

He especially loves it when daddy makes him fly!

When we got back to cheer clinic, we got to watch some of the girl's practice.
I don't know what they liked better:
Playing with the big girls pom poms or getting held by the big girls!

On Friday night we went to the football game and Cassidee headed off with the cheerleaders.
Cason and daddy were looking photogenic, so I snapped some pictures!

My little boy blue!
Not sure what got this funny face from him!

Once again, Cassidee got carried around by a big girl!

Giving hi-fives for looking cute....that's what she told me....

Going over the plan one more time....

....and practicing her cheer one more time.

*I didn't post any pics of the actual performance on the field. I took some, but she was so far away that she is hard to see, so it just looks like a mass of red and black kids.*
My little cheerleader!
(I kinda hope she is cheerleader at CHS so I can have a 4 year old/18 year old cheerleader picture comparison)

Cute girl!

She and Alix with their very own poms!

And then I got one more pic of Jeremy and Cason. I used to think Jeremy's green eyes were awesome.....and then I fell in love with Cason's blue eyes....
Handsome boys!
(and I love Cassidee posing in the background)

This one is getting printed and put on my night stand!
I'm a lucky girl!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

She's a big girl now!

Cassidee became a real big girl the other day, according to here, when she got her ears pierced. Here she is getting marked.

Then she got the done at the same time. She is still kinda smiling in this picture....

And she never cried! I did!
She looked brave/scared/hurt/happy all at the same time and then just asked to see a mirror!

Cutie pie!

It took lots of convincing to let Jeremy do that to his "little girl!"
I am not kidding when I say that she has already asked him for a nose ring......holy cow!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's like Christmas morning!

The kid's Halloween costumes arrived today!

Woody and Jessie have been running around my house all day!

Cutest little cow pokes I know!

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Friday, August 06, 2010

"I am Jessie forever!"

I hear this quote multiple times a day as my kids are constantly playing "Toy Story." Cass is always Jessie and Cason goes back and forth between Woody or Buzz.

Cassidee got a hooded Jessie towel and evidently fell asleep while wearing the towel and playing with Jessie and Bullseye!

Any guesses as to who she is going to be for Halloween this year?!

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