Friday, December 31, 2010

Bringing an end to 2010!

We have done some fun things with the kids the last couple of days to bring a fun end to 2010!
We started with wearing matching outfits to the zoo!! Ok, so that's not really a high-light, but Luckenbach shirts are pretty cool!

Love watching the kids at the zoo. We have been 100 times but they never get tired of it!

And we are spending our last day of 2010 at Dinosaur World! We took the kids this summer, in the scorching heat, and promised to bring them back when it cooled off. The weather is great today, so we decided to bring them back to one of their most requested places!!
Cass claims the Brachiosaurus is her favorite dinosaur!

And Cason loves growling at the T-Rex!

They have a great playground there too!

What a great way to end 2010!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Pictures

I did not do a great job of taking pictures at Christmas this year. It makes me a little sad, but then I think that I must have been having too much fun to document every single thing! Our "Christmases" started on Christmas Eve morning at Jeremy's parents. It seemed to be quite a feat to get Cason to actually sit still for a picture. He has been in rare-form (also known as: completely whacked out of his mind crazy) lately, so this is a good picture of the two of them in front of Nana's tree!
The only other two pictures I took that morning were of Cason trying out his new sleeping bags. He didn't quite get the concept, so he dove in head first....

Then he decided to just lay on the floor and put it on top of himself!
Luckily, with some help from Cassidee, he's mastered the sleeping bag now, after many movie nights on the living room floor lately!
Christmas Eve afternoon / evening was spent with my side of the family at our house. We have the tradition of eating tamales and chips and queso, watching White Christmas or other Christmas movies and playing games. My favorite game this year may have been Mad Gab and the "dis-solve of the peas" phrase of the year!!! :)
Christmas Morning! Santa Came!
And Cassidee and Cason sure did rack up this year. Santa must not have been watching Cason too closely this year--or he gave him the benefit since he's only 2!!!

Cassidee's highlights:
Pink Barbie Escalade
Set of 10 Disney Princess dolls
Texas Longhorns cheerleader uniform
Leap Frog Tag Reader books
and from Santa -- Toy Story Woody and Bo Peep

Cason's highlights:
John Deere Gator

CARS Mater remote controlled car
Buzz Lightyear light-up/sounds wings
Toy Story 2 & 3 figurines
tons of CARS cars
and from Santa -- an 18 wheeler that holds Hot Wheels + 2 monster trucks

And this is the best by far....
(Jeremy captured all of this on video, which will make great black mail some day....)
Cason ran down stairs first and made a bee-line for Cassidee's pink car. He got in and started "driving." As soon as she got there she kept telling him to drive his tractor, but he was almost impossible to get out of her car. He kept screaming, "I want the pink car! I want the pink car!" I think Jeremy didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Luckily he understands now and loves his "tractor" and loves driving it while Cassidee drives her "jeep!"

She has already spent countless hours with those princesses!
And yes, if you look to the left of Cassidee you will see Cason's football helment and jersey by Cassidee's cheerleading uniform. He doesn't love to wear it much since it's a little big, but he sure does hit hard when he has it on!

Cass was so proud of herself for picking out Jeremy's present. She was very certain that he wanted a Slinky Dog so that daddy could play "Toy Story" with her and Cason!

Cassidee (and everyone else) also thought it was funny when Grandaddy put the present bows on his head and he kept saying that he looked just like Blayze! :)

Another big hit: Cassidee's tu-tu from Evan and Kelsey!

Cason's favorite present was anything CARS related!

And sweet baby Blayze knew exactly what to do with her purse and lipstick!

Merry Christmas from 3 of the cutest kids I know!

And Merry Christmas from the Broom's!

And before I'm late on this too....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Visit 2010

We like going to see Santa at Bass Pro every year. Last year Cason was hysterical. This year, while holding hands with Cassidee the whole time, we got a decent picture.

He was a little unsure about getting in Santa's lap.....

But he sat completely stone-faced and held Cassidee's hand the whole time!

I have lots of Cass by herself with Santa and she wanted one this year too. She didn't hesitate to tell him what she wanted either!

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cruisin' in 2010!

I know, I know. I hear it alot.....we go on cruises all the time!'s good to have travel agent friends!! :)
After doing this cruise 3 times, I don't have tons of pictures, but this time we did go with our good friends, the Way's, and I have some pictures of that!
On our boat to go snorkeling in Jamaica!
Wow, Amie makes me look really tan!!! ha!!!

This was a music cruise with Brandon Jenkins, Rich O'Toole, Sonny Burgess, and Stoney LaRue who played for our group. This was a late-night jam session! So awesome!

Julie, Kandace, and me

Singing around the piano bar!

On the beach in Cozumel....
The performers played there one morning! One of the best "concerts" I've ever been to!

Stoney LaRue

After the beach performance we went to the backside of Cozumel to Coconuts.
Jeremy found a good sleeping spot!

We love the Burgess'---Sonny and Donna

And our new friends Justin and Casey Frazell....listen to him on 95.9 The Ranch!

Stoney LaRue and his (teeny-tiny) wife Kandace!

Us with Brandon Jenkins
Next cruise...hopefully....August 2010!

Disney on Ice

My mom, Cassidee, and I went to see Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes last month. I don't know if it was the seats on the second row or what, but I even found myself totally "lost" in the show!
Cutie girl in her princess Jasmine costume by the ice!

I didn't even have to zoom on my camera....very cool seats! Thanks mom!

Giving me-mommy a big thank you hug for a fun, fun day!

Cassidee with her Me-mommy!

Best Disney on Ice show EVER for little girls!

World Series....yes, I'm still behind!

Once again, I'm behind, but back in October I surprised Jeremy with tickets to game 5 (I think) of the series that the Rangers won and sent them to the World Series. Jeremy was super, SUPER sick and we didn't get to go..... what a great game that we missed, but oh well! My sister and I ended up surprising Jeremy and Kelsey's fiance Evan with tickets to game 4 of the World Series!
The day of game 4 we dropped the boys off at the Ballpark and took a few pictures!
Our family supporting the Rangers!

Evan and Jeremy
Cassidee with Antlers UP!

Almost game time.....

Although the Rangers didn't win, Jeremy says it was cool to say he's been to the World Series!

Almost Not Worth Posting....

I some how never got around to posting Halloween pictures. Here they are, mid-December, and it may not be worth posting, but oh well!
We go to the same pumpkin patch every year and I have the kids picture in front of this same sign every year!

So stinkin' cute!

Seriously! Love them!

Fall Funival at our church....the train ride is always a hit!
Oh, and here are their costumes....Woody and Jessie!

Then we went on to the grandparent's church Funival. They had a mechanical bull which both my kids seemed to love!!!

And then my brave little girl decided she wanted to climb the rock wall. She did great and made it about half way up!
Happy Halloween.....2 months ago!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Giving Credit Where It's Due....

A big "THANK YOU" goes to my sister, Kelsey, for my new header. I needed something new since my old header had pictures of a 2 year old Cassidee and a 4 month old Cason.....very outdated!
The new header sums up our life right now.....just trying to live, laughing a lot, and loving my family more than I ever knew possible. Every single day is a new and exciting adventure that we find ourselves in. I'm having more and more fun with my kids as the days and months go on. They are growing up entirely too fast, but the bigger they get, the more fun they get, too!
If you have a moment, please check out my sister's new blog. She is a fantastic photographer and recently decided to put her pictures on a blog for the world to see. I'm constantly making her take pictures of my kiddos, and she's taken pictures of other families, engagement pictures, and even took pictures for a friend's wedding! Like I said, she's awesome.....
see for yourself HERE!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zoo Day!

We love our zoo trips with the Way's! Now that it's getting cooler outside, I bet we may make weekly trips! My kids just never get tired of it! They loved seeing the Halloween decorations that were out!

The three big kids!

All 4 crazy kiddos!

Check out Amie's blog. She actually has really cute, edited zoo photos on her blog. Plus, a great story about our turtle encounter today!!!
The next two pictures are of two cute outfits that Cassidee recently received. I love the pictures of her in them, except for the fact that she looks 14 and not 4! How do girls just know how to pose like that???


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