Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Countdown: less than 48 hours....

In less than 48 hours my little family of 4 will be visiting this place again....
I can't wait to take this picture of her again, probably with a new (surprise) Ariel dress on!

And I can not wait to see my little boy's face light up when he gets to hug Woody again!
And since my sweet (not really a baby anymore) girl is turning 5 soon, we have some extra special treats for her during the trip. One includes a very fun birthday date with her wonderful daddy who is taking her to Cinderella's dinner so she can meet Prince Charming! (Meeting the princes are almost as important as meeting the princesses!)

And just a little FYI: my kids don't know we are going. We are surprising them! So, if you see them tonight or tomorrow....please don't mention anything!!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

SNOW - Feb. 2011

While daddy's away, we will still go out and play!
We were bummed that Jeremy had to work today -- the day that we actually had some good snow to play in -- but that didn't stop us from meeting some friends and playing!
Poor Cason had to wear Cassidee's pink gloves because they were water-proof.....I was going to make all the pictures black and white so you couldn't tell, but I'm too lazy!

We met up with Cassidee's friend Delancey, that lives around the corner. We're glad Delancey had a sled! (We have nothing....although it may be a good investment after the last couple of years of snow!)

Cason finally got the hang of sledding....without holding on. We couldn't ever convince him to hold on to the handles! Crazy boy!

Cass was a pro by the second time she went down! ( I don't think I have a picture, but in the end they were going down on their tummy's too!)

After leaving the big hill and our friends, we came back to our own yard to make snow angels!

My little snow bunnies!
(Feb. 2011)