Saturday, February 20, 2010

3rd Annual "Red Dinner"

For the past 3 years our family and the Way Family have gotten together on Valentines day for "red dinner.". (Amie has a weird obsession with coloring food with food coloring!!! Look back at our posts from St. Patricks Day!). Anyway we were a week past V-day this year but the kids had lots of fun making their own pizzas and decorating cookies!

This is the traditional picture of Amie dumping sprinkles in Cassidee's mouth!

We tried it with Cason. He would only hold his mouth open for a second and then close it when Amie got close. He will know how better next year. I'm sure he wouldn't turn down sprinkles if he understood!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

NBA All-Star Jam, Gymnastics, and SNOW!

Oh! And a few Christmas pictures too!
Thanks Kelsey for getting them to me.
You know you had a good Christmas when you can't even walk across the room!

This is how Cass spent a good part of the day! It cracks me up how her legs are crossed!
"Princess Lips" (lip gloss to most people) was one of her favorite presents. Good thing Uncle Camron was there to help her put it on.

She needed it to go with all the dress up clothes she got. Every time she puts this on she makes us call her Ariel. Seriously. She thinks she is suddenly transformed or something!

Cason....poor kid!
He was more infatuated with the laser gun than worrying about the princess panties on his head!

My blue-eyed boy by his new train table!

Christmas day snow man! (I still can't find those sunglasses!)

Mommy and Cason

Silly Mommy and Cass picture!
And yes, I think that was her present wrapped in that paper!

NBA All-Star Jam Session 2010
Back story: At the Mavs game two weeks ago, Cassidee won tickets to the All Star Jam. Jeremy bought a couple more so all 4 of us could go. Ironically, Jeremy was also asked to go with another friend and take Cassidee. So, they ended up going two nights in a row. It was tons of fun, just a little too big for our kids. These pics are from both nights Cassidee went.
Cass holding someone's shoe. I don't know who.....initials D.W.

Out of order, but when you first walk in you have to walk down a walkway with people high-fiving you and cheering for you. The kids were a little leary of it all but they were cute holding hands all the way through.

Standing in Tim Duncan's shoes.

Playing in one of the kids areas!

The 7 foot tall Dirk bobble-head.....again.
Jeremy asked if I wanted to buy a raffle ticket.
What am I going to do with a 7 foot tall bobble-head?
Stick it in my living room?
Coat rack?
What are these people going to do with this if they win it???

Cason staring at it!

Another kids area with lots of hoops!
Cason ran around saying "babbit ball" all night!

Dunking with authority!
He's got some mad skills!

Cassidee quit gymnastics last summer because we were gone so much.
She's been begging to get back in, and being the good parents that we are, we just now got around to re-enrolling her!
She LOVES it!

She concentrates pretty hard and doesn't like it when her friends in class "goof off."

Her favorite part is the "ta-da!"
This picture is no exaggeration.
They were both standing and yes, it was that deep!
Cason mostly cried.
It was either because he was cold, or because he had to wear his sisters pink toboggan.

Cass and I made snow angels.

But while I took Cason in, Daddy and Cass played outside for over an hour!
They built a cowboy snowman!

But then Cass decided that it should be a snow-girl.
She came in and got the appropriate props and "ta-da," Snow Girl!

And just for memory's sake:
Here is the front and back of our house after the record setting snow!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Getting comfy!

Cason crawled up on the couch, handed me the remote and said 'Doe-
wa' (Dora), and then snuggled under the blanket. Silly boy!