Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Phone Dump--our past two weeks...

We have already taken two trips to Six Flags, once with the kids by myself! They are angels because I threaten to leave if they aren't!

Ferris Wheels never get old!

I lined up all my baby Broom's one night!

We had a fun few days with these BFFs!! That's another post dedicated to itself!!

Who wants to kiss those chocolate lips??!!

Our fence blew down in the windy storm we had!!

Manly little men and their tool! I love the upside down goggles!

Kinder still makes us tired! Luckily it was PJ day so she was ready for bed! :)

Daddy/Daughter date for my sweet SIX year old! I can't get over how pretty she is, or the fact that she's called Jeremy her "prince" ever since! :)))

New burp cloths I made for my sweet niece Jerney coming today! More pics and a post for her soon!

My sweet six year old had to write her first apology letter to her teacher for a less than stellar day in kindergarten. Let's just say we learned the extent of her laziness!! Ha!

Lastly, we begin our fourth season of soccer! Here I caught her face pre-sneeze, but she wanted a picture of her dirty knees! She got knocked down hard once and fell three other times in her game but got up and kept playing! Soccer stud! :)

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Party Girl!

Although her birthday isn't until March 22nd, we had her party with friends in February. The end of March gets crazy with spring break, soccer games, baseball games, and my niece being born around that time! :)

The birthday girl was pumped about all the bounce houses and balloons at her party!

Her present table was completely packed by the time the party started!

We were so thankful that so many of her friends "popped" in to party with her!

Shout out to my sister Kayla who rocked the tye-dye birthday cake--it was awesome!

My sweet niece Blayze and her crazy red eyes!

"Cousin" Cal and friend Annaleigh

Sweet cousins!

Opening presents took forever because of all her sweet friends that came!
She got so many cute things!

She had a GREAT 6th birthday party!

6 years old already?!

I might cry....

Family Ski Trip 2012

I had my doubts. I figured it would be too cold, the boots would be too hard to walk in, it would be too cold, they couldn't get their pants down to pee, it would be too cold..... BUT, we decided this was the year to start the annual family ski trip with all of Jeremy's firefighter's families, and I'm so glad we did. The kids were awesome! (Cassidee awesome with skiing, Cason awesome with attitude!)

They both skied every day and by the last day Cassidee's class was skiing blues!!

Here they're getting fitted!

Cason felt like a big boy!
But acted like a goof ball!!

They got snacks every morning before classes started. That may have been the highlight of the day!

It snowed and snowed and snowed every day we were there!

What a cute little snow bunny with a snow stud in the background....Cason, not Jeremy! :)

Cason did so good!!

Cassidee mostly liked to pose for pictures!!

Cheesy boy!

We had the best time with the Hardin family and their two boys!!

Jeremy was so proud of our kiddos!

Cason loved chillin' in the afternoon!

And the ski school lodge had tons of toys so Cason had a ball!!

And on the way back down from the mountain our backseat was totally silent!!

We had a great place to sled that was right by our condo. Cason decided to check it out before participating.....

It wasn't long before he was having a ball!

The kids loved sledding!!

Favorite family photo of the trip! Why did I buy the $20 one on the mountain??

**Not sure how this one got down here, but here is Cason after riding the "magic carpet" and coming down the little beginner hill on the first day!

We can't wait for next year!!!