Monday, July 24, 2006

Beach Baby!

We are finally home from all our trips! We had a great time in Galveston! We ate a lot of great food. I think mom and dad had fun watching Cassidee while Jeremy and I got to hang out with Kayla (my sister) and her boyfriend Camron. The 4 of us spent one morning bay fishing. Too bad all we caught was a sun burn!!!
We spent part of the next day at Moody Gardens. We loved walking through the aquariums and seeing all the fish. Jeremy and I got our picture taken with a shark in the background!

We also got to go up to Houston and spend a few hours with the Beaver family. Baby Reagan is so beautiful and we are so glad we got to spend a little bit of time with her. Jodi and I waited a little too long to take pictures of Reagan and Cassidee together, but I don't think we would have gotten a 2 week old and a 4 month old to cooperate very well anyway! In this picture Reagan has had enough and Cassidee is wide-eyed and wondering what Reagan is crying about!

On our last day there we took Cassidee to the beach. I can't say that she was thrilled, but she sure was intreagued by the waves. I'm not sure she liked them touching her feet, though.

We had a fabulous time and loved that Cassidee's first vacation was to Galveston, a family favorite. Thanks mom and dad for the trip!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pictures to go with the previous posts...

Here's a picture of Cassidee at her first rodeo. She is with the rodeo clown. I guess she isn't scared of clowns...she let him hold her for a minute.

She even got to take her very first horse ride that night. One of the pick-up men took her riding around the arena. After he gave her back to Jeremy and we were standing by the fence she tried to reach over and grab the horse. I'm sure her first words will be, "Grandaddy, will you buy me a pony?"

How could anyone resist that?

Next comes Cassidee's first 4th of July. We had tons of fun at the parade and watching fireworks later that night.

Here are a couple of pictures of Cassidee at the lake. It was her first time to go to the lake, first time to wear a life jacket (which she didn't like very much), and her first time to ride on a boat.

She took a great nap on the boat!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Fun at the lake

We just got back from a much needed vacation to Kingsland, Tx. Jeremy's grandparents live on Lake LBJ and we really enjoyed ourselves for a few days. They have a boat and two jet skies. We had so much fun. The very first night we were there everyone went out in the boat. We had to find a life jacket for Cassidee so she could come. Luckily a neighbor of theirs had one. She wasn't sure she liked what we were putting on her, at first, but it must have been cozy because she conked out a few minutes later. She spent her very first boat ride laying in the seat with her life jacket on and daddy's hat on her head, covering it from the sun. I wish that I could figure out why it won't put a picture on here....she really looked cute......

Monday, July 10, 2006

Cassidee's First Rodeo

This baby LOVES horses! We took Cassidee to her very first rodeo. My sister Kayla's boyfriend is a bull rider so we wanted to go see Camron in action!!! (He did great, by the way)
I wasn't really sure how Cassidee would do. It was rather warm outside and we were going to have to sit a while since bull riding is the very last event. The girl was mesmerized the entire time. She loved the rodeo. Every time a horse would walk by her eyes would follow it wherever it would go. It cracked me up. She was perfect the entire time. When the rodeo was over we walked up and talked to one of the pick-up men. We asked him to take a picture with Cassidee up on his horse, if he didn't mind, but he did even better than that. He took her for a ride around the arena. She loved it. When Jeremy got her back they stood at the fence and she just stared at the horse and tried to reach out and touch it. She really needs a horse of her own....please Grandaddy!!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

4th of July

I've gotten behind....I don't know when people have time to do this, but I'm determined to keep up....

I keep trying to put pictures on here....I may have to tell the stories without them.

On the 4th of July we had lots of fun. Our day began with a parade in Coppell. Pretty much anyone who shows up can be in the parade it seems. It lasted FOREVER, and we were sitting at the end of it. So, the parade that started at 10:00 didn't get to us until 10:30. By that time we were already ready to go home. We had a good lunch at Fuddruckers, Jeremy's favorite, and then went home to nap before the fireworks that night. We went back to Coppell for the fireworks show. It had rained off and on all day, and I wasn't sure if the show was going to be cancelled. None the less we marched ourselves out in the middle of the park, sat under a tent with the other firemen and their families, and we enjoyed a great fireworks show. Cassidee napped right up until they started and then she even sat and watched them. Our first 4th with her was great!!