Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pictures to go with the previous posts...

Here's a picture of Cassidee at her first rodeo. She is with the rodeo clown. I guess she isn't scared of clowns...she let him hold her for a minute.

She even got to take her very first horse ride that night. One of the pick-up men took her riding around the arena. After he gave her back to Jeremy and we were standing by the fence she tried to reach over and grab the horse. I'm sure her first words will be, "Grandaddy, will you buy me a pony?"

How could anyone resist that?

Next comes Cassidee's first 4th of July. We had tons of fun at the parade and watching fireworks later that night.

Here are a couple of pictures of Cassidee at the lake. It was her first time to go to the lake, first time to wear a life jacket (which she didn't like very much), and her first time to ride on a boat.

She took a great nap on the boat!

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