Monday, July 10, 2006

Cassidee's First Rodeo

This baby LOVES horses! We took Cassidee to her very first rodeo. My sister Kayla's boyfriend is a bull rider so we wanted to go see Camron in action!!! (He did great, by the way)
I wasn't really sure how Cassidee would do. It was rather warm outside and we were going to have to sit a while since bull riding is the very last event. The girl was mesmerized the entire time. She loved the rodeo. Every time a horse would walk by her eyes would follow it wherever it would go. It cracked me up. She was perfect the entire time. When the rodeo was over we walked up and talked to one of the pick-up men. We asked him to take a picture with Cassidee up on his horse, if he didn't mind, but he did even better than that. He took her for a ride around the arena. She loved it. When Jeremy got her back they stood at the fence and she just stared at the horse and tried to reach out and touch it. She really needs a horse of her own....please Grandaddy!!!!

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