Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Week of "Firsts" for Cassidee

Cassidee has had a fun, busy, and exciting week that
involved a few "firsts" for her.

Cutie pa-tootie with a big girl pony tail in her hair. It's quite a stretch for us to get it takes quite a bit of water and gel.....but she loves having a pony tail!

It was also her first time to experience David's Bridal. We went with my sisters to try on bridesmaid dresses for Kayla's wedding.
Cassidee loved getting to model up on the steps!!!

She didn't like having to try on dresses.....and no, this is not the dress she is wearing......

Kelsey loved modeling as well!

Another first for Cassidee---sleeping in her big girl bed. With the rail on one side and the wall on the other I'm sure she feel like she is still in some kind of crib, but oh well. Out of the four nights she's slept in in she has had no problems---other than turning upside down in bed!!!

Such a big girl!!!

And, the last "first." She was invited to her very first concert with our friends Rashell and Lily. Lily and Cassidee are two months apart. Here they are walking up to the Suite and Club Entrance at Nokia theater.....I hope Cass doesn't think she'll get to sit in a suite at every concert she goes to.....

They are holding hands and walking down the hall to our suite.

Sitting on the barstools and looking out over the crowd.

Cassidee LOVED the concert!!! She would dance, sing, and clap the whole time!!!

Oh yeah, what concert did we go to? The Wiggles. Cassidee doesn't watch the Wiggles on TV (per her daddy's rule of not watching 4 gay men dance around and sing kids songs.....) but, you can't beat free suite tickets!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun with Friends!

Cassidee's had a lot of friends come over and play recently. We had a going away party for the Spencer's at the park by our house last weekend. When the party was over they came up to the house so the girls could play for a little while.
Cassidee had gotten a new toy that day, so the girls had fun trying to figure out how to open all the doors and latches.
What are you doing in my house?

Of course, there's nothing better than some bath time pictures......and after playing at the park I know both girls smelled like they needed a bath! :-)
On Tuesday of this week Cade and Kasey Bortnem came over to play for a little while. Kasey will be in 2nd grade and Cade is 3 months older than Cassidee. They played outside in the little pool for a while.
Kasey was a great baby-sitter for both kids!
Then they played inside when Jeremy and Kendra got too hot sitting outside!

Hmmm, this will be a cute picture in their wedding slide show some day!

Question of the day: Have any of you ever been so desperate that you took batteries out of your kid's toy so your TV remote would work? Yup, I was that desperate today---as of right now, the pig in that picture doesn't sing.....

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Who wants a kiss?

Wait, let me get a bite first.....

Come On!!! Who wants a kiss???

I must have really needed to get something done in the kitchen yesterday when I let Cassidee feed herself Trix yogurt...... :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My little water baby!

We've really been enjoying the summer weather lately! I bought Cassidee a teeny-tiny baby pool the other day for both of us to enjoy---she has a bigger one, but my mouth wasn't able to blow it up, shocking, I know! Anyway, we put on her super-cute poodle dog "swimmy suit" and played in the back yard all afternoon. It didn't bother her that it was so small--she loved all the little toys that came attached to it.
She would lay down and kick her feet---and splash me like crazy!

Little smiley girl!
Having the time of her life---atleast at that moment!
Cassidee and I got to spend two great days down near Marble Falls at Jeremy's grandparents house. Jeremy didn't get to go with us this time, but we had fun with his mom (Nana) and his aunt and cousin. We got to go out on the boat, Cassidee rode on a jet-ski, and we just got to lounge around and enjoy the nice weather.

Cassidee LOVED riding on the boat. She kinda reminded me of a dog---she liked the wind in her face! :)

Don't know why this picture is fuzzy---but, we jumped off the boat and splashed around for a few minutes.
But, riding around and swimming in the lake makes little girls really tired!

My parents were in the Austin area, so they came out to see us on their way home. This may be my new favorite picture of my dad (Grandaddy) and Cass. We have a hard time getting her to wear her hat unless everyone is wearing one.
This is a great picture of my mom and Cass. This is the view off the top deck of Jeremy's grandparents house. Yup, it stinks to come back to my house and look out the backyard and see.....a fence.

Such a precious picture!!!! Cassidee and her "great" grandad!
Cassidee enjoyed the fudge-cicle that Mamaw gave her!

Boy, this picture just says it all!!!! ;-)
Just kidding, Becky. We thought it'd be cute to take Nana's picture in front of the Crazy Nana sign.

We had such a great time!!!! Thanks for letting us come, Grandad and Mamaw!