Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Week of "Firsts" for Cassidee

Cassidee has had a fun, busy, and exciting week that
involved a few "firsts" for her.

Cutie pa-tootie with a big girl pony tail in her hair. It's quite a stretch for us to get it takes quite a bit of water and gel.....but she loves having a pony tail!

It was also her first time to experience David's Bridal. We went with my sisters to try on bridesmaid dresses for Kayla's wedding.
Cassidee loved getting to model up on the steps!!!

She didn't like having to try on dresses.....and no, this is not the dress she is wearing......

Kelsey loved modeling as well!

Another first for Cassidee---sleeping in her big girl bed. With the rail on one side and the wall on the other I'm sure she feel like she is still in some kind of crib, but oh well. Out of the four nights she's slept in in she has had no problems---other than turning upside down in bed!!!

Such a big girl!!!

And, the last "first." She was invited to her very first concert with our friends Rashell and Lily. Lily and Cassidee are two months apart. Here they are walking up to the Suite and Club Entrance at Nokia theater.....I hope Cass doesn't think she'll get to sit in a suite at every concert she goes to.....

They are holding hands and walking down the hall to our suite.

Sitting on the barstools and looking out over the crowd.

Cassidee LOVED the concert!!! She would dance, sing, and clap the whole time!!!

Oh yeah, what concert did we go to? The Wiggles. Cassidee doesn't watch the Wiggles on TV (per her daddy's rule of not watching 4 gay men dance around and sing kids songs.....) but, you can't beat free suite tickets!!!


Heidi said...

Kendra, she looks so grown up!! Looks like ya'll are having lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

So cute and how smart is that little girl. I understand she actually knows some of her letters.
I am also so excited she can say BARBIE!!!! Now if we can get a 'granny' on the front of that name I will be in hog heaven!Much love, GRANNY BARBIE

Rick & Shara said...

Love the new pictures! She is so precious...that smile is one of my favorites! I've missed you, hope the new job is going well. Maddox has a double ear we are medicating trying to make it better before we leave for Turks on Saturday. Can't wait to hear about your new school. Love ya!

Connor, Kaylee, & Tripp said...

How exciting, sleeping in her big girl bed. Love the photo of her in the white dress. The expression on her face is so sweet like she is searching for someone to feel sorry for her. Love you!

Jennifer said...

I love all the pictures! The one in the litle wedding dress is cute! She looks like a lot of fun!

Kimberly said...

Love this girl! I tagged you on my blog when you have nothing better to do. Hope to see you soon friend!