Thursday, August 02, 2007

My little water baby!

We've really been enjoying the summer weather lately! I bought Cassidee a teeny-tiny baby pool the other day for both of us to enjoy---she has a bigger one, but my mouth wasn't able to blow it up, shocking, I know! Anyway, we put on her super-cute poodle dog "swimmy suit" and played in the back yard all afternoon. It didn't bother her that it was so small--she loved all the little toys that came attached to it.
She would lay down and kick her feet---and splash me like crazy!

Little smiley girl!
Having the time of her life---atleast at that moment!
Cassidee and I got to spend two great days down near Marble Falls at Jeremy's grandparents house. Jeremy didn't get to go with us this time, but we had fun with his mom (Nana) and his aunt and cousin. We got to go out on the boat, Cassidee rode on a jet-ski, and we just got to lounge around and enjoy the nice weather.

Cassidee LOVED riding on the boat. She kinda reminded me of a dog---she liked the wind in her face! :)

Don't know why this picture is fuzzy---but, we jumped off the boat and splashed around for a few minutes.
But, riding around and swimming in the lake makes little girls really tired!

My parents were in the Austin area, so they came out to see us on their way home. This may be my new favorite picture of my dad (Grandaddy) and Cass. We have a hard time getting her to wear her hat unless everyone is wearing one.
This is a great picture of my mom and Cass. This is the view off the top deck of Jeremy's grandparents house. Yup, it stinks to come back to my house and look out the backyard and see.....a fence.

Such a precious picture!!!! Cassidee and her "great" grandad!
Cassidee enjoyed the fudge-cicle that Mamaw gave her!

Boy, this picture just says it all!!!! ;-)
Just kidding, Becky. We thought it'd be cute to take Nana's picture in front of the Crazy Nana sign.

We had such a great time!!!! Thanks for letting us come, Grandad and Mamaw!


Ashley said...

The pictures of her in her dog swimsuit are my favorite ever. She is adorable.

We are so blessed my our situations. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I miss you.

Jennifer K said...

Cass is getting so big! She is so cute. I love the pigtails. Congrats on the contract. I know this time is uneasy! I hope everything goes smoothly. Keep us posted!