Monday, October 30, 2006

Our Weekend, In Pictures...

We had a great weekend! Grapevine C of C had it's Fall Festival on Saturday night. We got to see lots of kids dressed in great costumes! Here's a chicken, a puppy, and "the King" just to give you an example!
Cassidee "played" a few games at the Festival. She didn't want the shovel to dig in the sand--she just used her hand. It would have been okay, except her hand was still wet from playing in the duck pond....see the pic below.....
Hmmm, which one do I pick?
She crawled around on the floor and watched all the other kids running around and playing on the bounce houses. It was fun for a while.....
I guess she got a little frusterated when she couldn't quite keep up!
We wanted her to ride the choo-choo train. When I got in line a bunch of kids cut in front of me. I didn't feel like I could yell at the kids for cutting (even though they were big girls!) so I just stuck Cassidee in one of their laps and asked them to take her on the ride.
When we were leaving the Festival we got a phone call saying I had won a raffle from the Birdville Craft Fair. It was an "entertainment" packages full of DVD's, popcorn, coke, and $500 worth of gift cards to the movies and lots of restaurants. Guess you know we will be eating out more than we'll be cooking!

Lastly, Cassidee was playing in the floor when we got home. She loves to dump out her basket of toys and play with them. When I got up from the couch to look at her she had gotten behind the basket and looked like she had put herself in the corner. She looked really pitiful, but I just had to take a picture since it looked like we had given her a "time-out."

Now she is very mobile, and not long after being in the corner she had wondered all the way into the kitchen. Maybe with her moving all over the floor I will vacuum more often....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Cassidee's first Pumpkin Patch experience was fantastic! There was soooo much for her to look at and things going on all around that she and her friend Ruthie were entertained for the entire hour and a half that we were there! We rode the hay ride, we bought pumpkins, we took pictures by every piece of yard art, we even saw a fireman friend and his family!
-Daddy and Cassidee waiting at the fence-
-Ruthie was a great friend and had fun holding Cassidee-

-Daddies and their girls-

-Cassidee liked the Dalmations-

-We couldn't get a good picture of Cassidee where she wasn't eating the pumpkin, but this was just a cute idea someone had!-

-Cassidee and Ruthie and a scarecrow-

-Yummy, pumpkin stem-

-Cute pumpkins!-

-Gotta love the baby Sesame Street characters-

-I love this! I hope to get Cassidee's picture every year in front of this sign!-

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ready for Halloween!

I took Cassidee up to the fire station to get some pictures of her in her Halloween costume. Since she is going to be a dalmation puppy we thought it would be appropriate to take her picture on/with a fire truck. She wasn't very smiley....she was ready for a nap by this time....but she did really well, and we got some really cute pictures!

Driving the truck with Daddy!

**She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. At first she looked a little scared, then she thought she looked pretty funny! :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

...3 cheers for the purple and white...

I can honestly say that this is the first ACU Homecoming I have attended. Yes, I went to school there for 4 years, graduated and all, but I always went home on Homecoming weekend. Too many people in town! Well, this year I went. I did the parade, I did chapel, I did the game....I actually just did it because Kelsey is at ACU and she was in the parade. But, I'll admit, despite the crowds we had a great weekend!

Cassidee didn't know what to think of her Aunt Kelsey dressed
up in purple with some funky glasses on!

All the girls in Kelsey's club oohed and ahhed over Cassidee!
Kelsey is the closest one to the camera...good job Kels!
Grandaddy and Cassidee had fun watching the parade
(and getting some candy)!
It was a little chilly at times during the football game.
As always, Cassidee was a cheese ball for the camera!

She got tired of being squished in the bleachers so we headed out to a grassy knoll to finish the game. She liked rolling around on the ground a lot better!

Her first picture with the Wildcat. Too bad mom's eyes were closed!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

6 month stats

Cassidee's 6 month check-up was on Tuesday the 10th. Yes, two weeks late, oh well....
Anyway, our girl is growing and here are her current stats:
Head- ?cm. (I couldn't remember what the nurse and don't feel like getting up to look) 46%
Weight- 17.6 lbs - 75%
Height- 27 1/2" - 75%

She is definitely growing!
The doctor said to keep feeding her like we have been and give her water from a sippy cup. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to before now, so she is already a pro at the sippy! The doctor also called her "very alert" when Cassidee kept grabbing her stethoscope. Was that a nice way of telling me I have a wiggle-worm?! :)

State Fair of Texas

I really, really don't know how to get blogger to put the pictures in order. Pretty frustrating....anyway, I'll tell the story in the order the pics appear.....
Wednesday Jeremy and I took Cassidee to the state fair. Jeremy's parents were going and I had never really been, so we thought it would be a fun outing for all of us. Jeremy was a little worried about how Cassidee would act being in the stroller all day, but she proved to him that she can handle anything. She was great the entire time.
The day started off on the cool side, but by the afternoon it was a nice, sunny day. Good thing we won some water bottles. Cassidee drank the water straight out of the bottle and loved it!
There was a little farm section for the kids. They could go inside, put on an apron, grab and basket, and head out to do some farming activities. Cassidee loved driving the tractor!

**Warning**(Out of order picture)
We went to watch these frisbee-catching dogs. Cassidee loved it and was bouncing up and down in her seat the whole time!
More farm pictures....Of all the animals to put her face in for a picture, I'm not sure why we picked the pig....
(Another out of order) The spa man was trying to convince me to strip Cassidee's clothes off of her and let her swim in the hot, no thanks. But, she did have fun splashing the water coming out of the spouts!
Here is Cassidee getting her apron put on to begin her "chores" around the farm.
Entering the fair--Cassidee wasn't sure what was going on with all the people walking around, but she was really enjoying herself by the end of the day!
Last farm pic...Putting a peach in her basket.
All in all we had a super day. I played a "game" at the auto show and won $38.00 and Jeremy spun some wheel and won us a trip for two to Las Vegas. Not a bad day at all....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hairbow/Headband Help

Cassidee wears headbands with hairbows attached. We only have white headbands right now and a few colors of bows to go on top. Does anyone know of a good store or website to find more headbands? I don't have trouble finding bows....I make a lot of them. I need a cream colored headband, a black headband, etc. Any ideas?