Saturday, September 27, 2008

Go Horns!

Jeremy and I are heading to the UT game today. Cassidee got up and put Jeremy's hat on and asked if she could go too. I told her that just mommy and daddy were going and she replied, "But I'll say 'Hook 'Ems' momma!" I love that she says Hook 'Ems! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We love Hurrican Ike!

Not really! But, we benefitted from the hurrican in one brought us.....

Yup, we've enjoyed the Beaver's being in town and getting to come over and play with us.
I love how these girls go weeks and months without seeing each other and then just pick up where they left off. More awesome than the pictures is the sound you hear when they are playing...pure happiness. They squeal, laugh, occasionally gripe like sisters, then more squealing! So fun!
Kitchen sink bath after a fun time outside in the green sand and popcicles!
Eating a little supper!
Riding the bicycle together! Seriously should have heard the squealing on this thing!
We got to go ride the Forest Park train....a first for both girls. Who doesn't love a choo-choo?
Mommy and Dee Dee

So happy to get on board!
Here's my ticket!
And here's my ticket!
Yummy popcorn!
She looks like such a big little girl---that doesn't make much sense, I'm sure. But, it does to me!
If they have this much fun now, and they are only 2, I can't wait to see what is to come!

Mom of the Year!

Sorry girls, but I've won the award for the year. Let's just say that since Cason was born I have probably "neglected" Cassidee in some ways just because I don't have enough hands to take care of them both. She hears me say, "Just a minute, sweetie." or "Mommy has to finish feeding Cason. You'll have to wait, please." quite a bit. I feel bad doing this, but seriously, I only have two hands.
Well, when Jeremy is at work for his 24 hours it is even worse, and it proved to be that way on this night. Cason was super fussy, my phone rang and I was talking to someone, and Cassidee asked me for a snack and some cartoons. Of course she got the "just a minute" phrase that she's used to. Then, a few minutes later, I am still on the phone and Cassidee actually tells me she is tired. Again, "just a minute." About 10 minutes later I get off the phone, get Cason fed, calmed, and in bed, and as I walk back in the living room I saw this.....
Yup, that's chocolate around her mouth.

She had gotten her own snack.
She opened the bag of pretzels by herself.
I guess she decided she needed a couple of crackers too.
I don't even know what she ate to get the chocolate around her mouth, but it was all gone.
So, sorry girls, my neglect of my daughter for 20 minutes has won me Mom of the Year.
I hope I get my trophy soon! :(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh my!

Dylan is the father of Kelly's child? I would have guessed that but it seemed too obvious! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Amie,

My mom still sucks at swaddling me. Can you come over and give her another lesson?
Love, Cason

Sunday, September 07, 2008

2 months already?!

Time flies!
Nothing much is going on around here....just eating, sleeping, and pooping.....and that's just Jeremy! Just kidding! (He's gonna kill me!)
Cason's getting more fun--he is starting to smile and "talk" a little bit. He doesn't mind being on his tummy and he's gotten pretty strong. He'll hold his head up for a good bit and even push up with his arms. Strong boy!

It sure is hard to take any pictures of Cason without Cassidee in them.....good thing she's cute!

Here's the 2 month old with his monkey! (Nice look on his face....)
And his picture with the UT football!
Sweet little chunk!
And I'll end with my crazy girl Cass. She is wearing panties on her head and two pairs on both wonder we aren't potty trained. She has no idea how to really wear them! :)