Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Amie,

My mom still sucks at swaddling me. Can you come over and give her another lesson?
Love, Cason


amie said...

I am sorry your mommy is slow...I would love to come over and swaddle you again!!

Tracy said...

Ha...Amie's comment is funny :)

Just fyi...when Bryson was little, he would get get out of every swaddle that I would put him in. He would even get out of my mom's "nicu nurse" swaddle too! Nothing worked until I bought a blanket called "swaddleaze". You can buy it off of Seriously, once I bought that, he slept through the whole night!! I bought one for a friend too and that is when her son finally started sleeping all night as well. It works great!! (better than the other swaddle blankets that I bought) Just thought I'd pass that along :)

Anonymous said...


You are hilarious! Don't worry, I NEVER learned how to swaddle the girls. I personally don't think it was myy fault. I think it was a defect in all of the blankets that I was given! :o)Shannon