Thursday, September 18, 2008

We love Hurrican Ike!

Not really! But, we benefitted from the hurrican in one brought us.....

Yup, we've enjoyed the Beaver's being in town and getting to come over and play with us.
I love how these girls go weeks and months without seeing each other and then just pick up where they left off. More awesome than the pictures is the sound you hear when they are playing...pure happiness. They squeal, laugh, occasionally gripe like sisters, then more squealing! So fun!
Kitchen sink bath after a fun time outside in the green sand and popcicles!
Eating a little supper!
Riding the bicycle together! Seriously should have heard the squealing on this thing!
We got to go ride the Forest Park train....a first for both girls. Who doesn't love a choo-choo?
Mommy and Dee Dee

So happy to get on board!
Here's my ticket!
And here's my ticket!
Yummy popcorn!
She looks like such a big little girl---that doesn't make much sense, I'm sure. But, it does to me!
If they have this much fun now, and they are only 2, I can't wait to see what is to come!


Tracy said...

Wow. They are both getting so big...and so cute!!

Bunch of Oranges said...

ok you look like you have been busy having TOO much FUN!!!! The girls are sweet!

Laurie said...

Miss you! I need to bring A over to play with C I can have a chance to hold that sweet baby!

Amber said...

How fun, the girls are getting so big. Aric and I both loved the pic of C asleep with her snacks around her. So cute!

Jodi said...

We miss you already!!! Thanks for making our hurrication more fun! :)

Amber said...

Hey! I need an updated family picture for the wall upstairs at church. I've been looking on your blog for one, but I couldn't find a picture of the whole fam :(

The Blakes said...

Glad the Beaver's had a good place to go. In reguards to your previous blog, that has happened to me, where you find them asleep on the floor while your gabbing on the phone. Don't feel too bad. Love you!