Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here's what we've been doing....

Last week Jeremy and I got some good "Cassidee Time" when we got free tickets to a Dallas Stars pre-season game. She was giddy with excitement all day waiting until it was time to go. She liked walking straight up to the glass and watching the action!

We had fantastic seats 10 rows up behind the goal!

Cassidee got her picture made with the Ice Girls (?! is that what they are called??) Her daddy and the other guys were jealous.... (insert eye roll by me here!)

We sat right in front of them, so when Cassidee would get a little antsy during the game she would go up and "cheer" with them!

She was hungry from the moment we walked in the AAC. She wanted pizza for supper - check!

Then she licked the sugar off of about 4 churros - check!

Then she wanted popcorn (hey, it's your day!) - check
And yes, she ate all of that, yet she still only weighs 26 pounds.....go figure!

Cheering them on with Daddy!

Mommy and Cassidee

Us with a random, dressed up bear....not sure what he was for.....

All the humidity and rain has kinked our hair around here.....
ignore the panties, I just like how her hair was looking.....

On to Cason for a moment:
This kid is crazy. Really, he's just nuts sometimes. He and I get to hang out by ourselves now that his sister is in school twice a week. He really didn't enjoy it being the two of us the first time she was gone. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Cassidee. But, we've kinda got our own fun going when she is gone and I'm loving that I get to focus on him 100% for a little while on those days.
He helps me with laundry!

He rides his motorcycle!

He loves this piggy bank....he's concentrating hard with his tongue out!

The piggy bank may actually be his second favorite behind this tractor!

Cassidee had Play Day up at school so Cason and I popped up there for just a few minutes to see her. She loves trying to do the hula-hoop!

She and Cason hit a balloon back and forth to each other for a minute!

And she got the hang of hitting it herself.
And, Cassidee went bowling a few times.

We didn't stay long, and I told Cassidee to say goodbye to Cason. He didn't want to stop playing and give her a hug. He was MAD when we left and was chanting "Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee" all the way to the car. Atleast they love each other now....
*Stay tuned for pictures of Cassidee playing soccer. Her first game will be Saturday, and that should be a hoot!
And, there will be pictures of Jeremy and I on our cruise. We leave Sunday, so I'm sure I'll have something fun to post when we return! :)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Fun!!!

We had a great day of relaxing and having fun with friends today! We played at the park, Cassidee and I went to the pool with the Way's, and we ended the day in the Fort Worth Stockyards......lots of fun!
Crazy Cason eating lunch. Nope, that's not a bow in his's ham!

Cassidee wanted a picture of both of them eating a snack..... okee dokee!
Me-mommy & Cassidee watching the longhorns walk down Exchange

Mommy's jail bird!

Amie and I brought lots of quarters for all the rides!

Riskey's barbeque is yummy!
Daddy and Cason enjoyed some ribs!

Cason's first attempt at the rib unassisted....

He licked it quite a bit! I think it was easier for him to just eat the pieces that we cut up for him!

Another ride, another quarter!

The best ride of all.....on Grandaddy's shoulders!

*I had the cutest picture of Cason and Poppy (Jeremy's dad) holding hands and walking, but it was super fuzzy..... :(
Fun on the stagecoach

We ended the night at Braums.
Here's Cason's first lick from a cone......
(And thank you Amie for taking all of Cason's pictures tonight!) :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Pre-schooler

This was my kitchen counter last night. Outfit - check, backpack - check, lunch made - check. I'm sure I'll be that organized and ready for every single day of school this year. Ha!

I thought I'd be a super mom and make Cassidee (what I thought was) her favorite breakfast before school. I got up early and made pancakes. She likes it when I make shapes. I tried the letter C, I tried Micky Mouse (that looked like a heart), but in the end I stuck with what I do best, circles!
To my surprise and slight frusteration, she came downstairs and said "Huh, I wish I was having biscuits." Alrighty! She got on board with the pancake idea after I let her lick some of the batter out of the bowl. SOOOO SUPER GROSS! She's a weirdo!

I used the circle ones to make a snowman and used chocolate chips for the facial features.

She just ate the chocolate chips!
And, only a 3 year old can get chocolate on her forehead!

Showing off her "C" pancake.

The next few pics are the same. I want to take her picture the same every year she starts school, but I didn't know where to do it. So I took a couple in a couple of places.

She was soooo ready to get in the car. It was hard to get her still.

But seriously, how come she looks like she is going to first grade to me?!

This was the picture she wanted. She said she is holding her back pack straps like Dora...

Cutie girl with her daddy and stinker bubba that wouldn't look at mommy!

***She had a fabulous day. She called me and said:
"Momma, it was soooo great. We played with dominoes, blocks, and cars. And we played on the playground and I wanted to do the tire swing and my teacher said come in. And we went potty and the girls didn't have paper. And everyone eats too fast and I didn't eat my lunch."
(She is a super slow eater and finished her lunch in the car on the way home!)
She topped off her day with Chicken Express and cupcakes at home!
It was a great day for my 3 year old!