Friday, November 23, 2007

Learn from my mistake.....

When the weather man says that Thanksgiving is going to be a cold day---just stay INSIDE and enjoy your family and good food. We signed up to do the Turkey Trot in Keller with Amie and Bradley Way. Whose idea was it to do the Turkey Trot? Mine? Amie's? I don't know, but I guess we're both to blame!
Here we are after the race. Look how many clothes we all have on. I think Amie even wore two pairs of pants! Trust me people, stay home!!!

The Way Family
Now on to a great story for you---we all got pretty excited when we saw snow flakes coming down outside on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, my two cousins who are 8 and 10 were so thrilled they ran outside bare-footed! You have to hear what the 8 year old said, "I thought miracles only happened on Christmas. This is a Thanksgiving miracle!" I thought that was funny!
Here is Cass checking out the snow through the window.
Our family

Catching snowflakes in our mouth!
Ouch! That frozen rain doesn't feel good on a little face!!!

Daddy, that was fun! Let's go back outside!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh, and another mistake of mine that you should all learn from......DO NOT GO SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY FOR TV! We were in line at Circuit City for a TV for over 3 hours! NUTS! Atleast we left with what we wanted!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Super Fun!

The one thing that stinks about living in Keller is that my dear, dear friends don't live there also. I have two wonderful friends---Rachel and Jodi. I don't get to see them nearly enough---but when we do get together, it is SUPER FUN!
We do an annual Christmas shopping weekend together every year---or try to. Last year we didn't do it. We all had little, little babies, and it really wouldn't have worked well. Who are we kidding? It didn't work great this year, but we had a good, long weekend of being together atleast!
What little girl wouldn't want to eat breakfast in high chairs right next to her best friends?!

The girls have some matching outfits. You guessed it---three little one-year-olds don't sit still for pictures.....especially pictures on stairs. Oh well, we know they looked cute!
Playing with the leggos at Portrait Innovations.
We got their pictures made in their matching Christmas shirts!
Cassidee just relaxing in her chair and playing with her Fridge Farm.
Cassidee and I got to go up to my old Elementary School where I taught and see some of my kiddos. Here, she and our favorite friend, Sarah, are playing with Cassidee's Polly Pockets during lunch. We sure do miss Sarah and our Lake Dallas friends!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Late Halloween Pictures

Halloween was only a week ago, right? I'm not toooooo late, am I? Oh well. Sometimes you gotta take what you can get--when you can get it! :)
Cassidee and I didn't feel great the week of Halloween or that day even, but we went up to a Funival at church to have a little fun that night.

She went trunk-or-treating, but by the time she got to Janet and Joe's car she just wanted to stop and eat some candy.

My little Dorothy

--she thought popcorn was not as fun as Smarties and M&M's so she actually threw that bag on the floor after I snapped this picture.

Jeremy had to work on Halloween day, so we went up to the fire station to see him and so he could see Cassidee in her costume---she was actually supposed to be a ballerina, but she refused to wear the tutu. I guess she could have just run around in a leotard and been a gymnast.....

You can tell that she is ready to call it a night in this picture. Little Dorothy turned into a little witch---it was bedtime!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween--a week ago!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hold on tight cause here we go......

Long time, no blog, huh?!

We'll start back to as far as I can remember last posting about......we finally sold our house. Sad and happy all at the same time. I sure don't want to move again for a LONG time!!!

Bye Bye to our first house on Alcove Lane!

A favorite last picture from the old house. Jeremy and Cass enjoyed a movie on one of our last nights there.
We got to take the girls to a Pumpkin Patch one night. Thanks to Susan for coming along and snapping shots as well. Who knew 3 little one year olds could all sit still like that---they may not have all looked up at the same time, but they sat still for a moment!
She kept thinking you could throw the little pumpkins like a ball!
Look at me! I'm in the bounce house!
They all liked watching the "bats" flying around!
Mommy and Cass
A funny and currently a favorite picture. The look says it all---and I get the look alot!
We went to another Pumpkin Patch with our fun friends, the Potter's. This is last years picture...."This fall I am this tall...."
And, this years.....not so happy about stopping to take a picture!
Last year---having fun with the Dalmations!
This year---stopping for a second to pat the puppies!
The Broom's on a hay ride!
Getting a little sun on her tummy???

I love Pumpkins!
Camden, Zachary, and Cassidee
We got to have a super fun day with Cassidee's friend Reagan! We are soooo happy her mommy and daddy went out of town so she could come over and play with us!
I'm so mad I only took two pictures that whole day, and they were in their pj's when I did. They had soooo much fun and played so well together!
Aunt Kelsey is soooo funny!

And, a big Happy 21st Birthday to Aunt Kelsey out at ACU!!!! We had fun at your b-day party last weekend!!!!