Friday, November 23, 2007

Learn from my mistake.....

When the weather man says that Thanksgiving is going to be a cold day---just stay INSIDE and enjoy your family and good food. We signed up to do the Turkey Trot in Keller with Amie and Bradley Way. Whose idea was it to do the Turkey Trot? Mine? Amie's? I don't know, but I guess we're both to blame!
Here we are after the race. Look how many clothes we all have on. I think Amie even wore two pairs of pants! Trust me people, stay home!!!

The Way Family
Now on to a great story for you---we all got pretty excited when we saw snow flakes coming down outside on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, my two cousins who are 8 and 10 were so thrilled they ran outside bare-footed! You have to hear what the 8 year old said, "I thought miracles only happened on Christmas. This is a Thanksgiving miracle!" I thought that was funny!
Here is Cass checking out the snow through the window.
Our family

Catching snowflakes in our mouth!
Ouch! That frozen rain doesn't feel good on a little face!!!

Daddy, that was fun! Let's go back outside!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh, and another mistake of mine that you should all learn from......DO NOT GO SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY FOR TV! We were in line at Circuit City for a TV for over 3 hours! NUTS! Atleast we left with what we wanted!


Jennifer said...

The funny thing is that while all of you in Texas were enjoying the snow, it was 65 degrees in New Jersey! How funny is that!?! Looks like yall enjoyed it!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

The Thanksgiving miracle didn't hit our family - we were in Carrollton, and we had no snow:( I bet we will see another miracle before it is all said and done this year.