Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Greatness!

Cassidee and I were soooo lucky to have some of our favorite people come and spend some spring break with us. We were sad that the fun ended too soon with Roselyn, but we made the most of it when she was with us. On Monday of Spring Break we took the girls to ride the Forest Park Train. It always seems to be a hit, and one seat is perfect for all three girls!

Mommy, is that whistle going to be loud? (It wasn't....she didn't do this for long!)

Sooooo happy!

Ignore my hair in the 30 mph wind......but here are Cason and I. Even the little ones (Cason, Nolan, and Brooklyn) seemed to enjoy it or sleep thru it! :)

Having a little snack!

And the girls got popcorn!

One tired girl on the way home!

On Tuesday we had green eggs for breakfast!

Then Reagan came over to play!
Who doesn't enjoy lunch in your undies on the back porch?

Finally getting to play on the completed swing set!

Reagan watching Jeremy finish the deck!

After all that playing the girls looked (and smelled) like it was bubble bath time!

Then on Wednesday we got to go with Reagan and Jodi to see Disney on Ice.
The girls watched a little movie in the trip over to Dallas.

I don't think they could have hidden their excitement if they tried.

After waiting in line for some light up toys that we just had to have we found our seats!

Complete fascination with her Tinker Bell twirly toy, as she calls it.

The girls were literally on the edge of their seats.....or out of their seats completely,
the entire time!

The cotton candy, that we also just had to have, came with a Flounder hat.

The girls loved the sugary snack!

Our seats were great!!!

Jeremy and I enjoyed getting to take Cassidee to the show and sharing it with Reagan and Jodi!

Up next: Cassidee's 3rd birthday pics!
(whenever I get around to it!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Cassidee Brooke!

Although Cassidee's actual birthday is the 22nd, we had her birthday party with all her friends this afternoon.  She had a ball playing in the bounce houses, on the swing set, and eating way too many cup cakes.  (more of those pictures later)  
For now, Happy Birthday to my "Sweet Baby Cass."  
I can't believe that she is going to be 3 tomorrow!!!

Make a wish!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

8 months old!

Cason's 8 months old! He's so fun. He can get anywhere, although he isn't crawling yet. He can get up on all 4's and rock, so I'm sure it's any day now. He's getting so big....literally.....I can't hardly carry his car seat anymore! Here's some pics.Always seems to eat the monkey!
I wish you could see the flip flops on his feet.....they were really cute!

Here's what happens when Cassidee gets a hold of the camera.....a close up of Cason, Jeremy's hand, and an almost empty bottle! :)

And here is a picture of Beau.
Cassidee, Cason, and I had a great time playing at Hollee's house today. New/Different toys are always fun. Beau looked so stinkin' cute that I had to take a picture. I was about to take a picture of Lilly and my camera went dead. Oh well, hopefully Rach, Doodle, or Hollee will post some cute pictures of all the kids!

Stay tuned:
Cassidee's BFF's Reagan and Roselyn are in town/coming to town. I'm sure I'll have a monster post in the next couple of days!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Our swing set and a warm, spring day!

As you can see, we still have a ways to go before the swing set is complete.....with the deadline being Cassidee's birthday party on the 21st.....but there is still enough up for Cassidee to start enjoying herself. Jeremy got it started yesterday with the help of my dad and brother-in-law Camron. Hopefully with a little work this week and next weekend, it will be up
and ready to go by party time!
Cheese ball!

Cason really enjoyed himself outside the last couple of days. He is content for a loooong time outside. Today was a great day to go shirtless.....
I put all of his "manly" toys outside including his trucks and his baby tool bench!
And nothing beats a water break!

I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather. I keep thinking "March isn't over yet....I'm sure it'll freeze again...." (probably the weekend of Cassidee's OUTDOOR birthday party!)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Utah trip and my new obsession.....

You've seen this first picture before, but I had to include it again. I should have gotten one of just the boys, oh well! We had soooo much fun on our Utah trip. It was 5 1/2 days of laughter, rest, skiing, more rest, and lots more laughter!
The girls:
Hollee, Shara, Laurie, and me

Here's Rick and Shara,

Russell and Laurie,

Jeremy and Kendra,

and the "Unabomber" (AKA-Sam) with Hollee!

Because I only skiied one day, I had some time to kill while everyone else did ski. One day I decided to go to Olympic Park where the 2002 winter Olympics were held.

The entrance...

Inside the museum....
There were tons of medals, videos, uniforms, and lots of memorabilia of that Olympics inside.

It was sooooo small compared to what I thought it would look like. This was at the bottom of the nordic jump ramps. There were actual teams practicing on the 90 m ramp the day I was there.....Team Australia.
This is the view from the top of the 120 m ramp. I got to go up there because I paid $7 for a guided tour....again, I was alone and had nothing else better to do.....
FYI: If you look at the above picture, imagine that you are a participant in the Olympics. If you were sitting right there and looking out, you'd see a crowd of over 20,000 people. I couldn't imagine that many people crowded in that small of an area. They had to bring in a grand stand to fit all the people. (There is your random winter Olympic tid-bit of knowledge for the day. If you'd like more, ask. I can tell you things like "Utah Olympic Park was completed in 1997 and that the luge is far more dangerous than the skeleton, even though you go head first when competing in the skeleton....." I'm full of useless knowledge now.)

Here is where my obsession begins.... (a little background story)
When we were touring Olympic Park the Junior National Luge competition was going on. We got to sit in curve 12 for a few minutes and watch some of the 13 year old competitors do this sport. I was slightly facinated at how fast they were going and it looked like fun to go down hill that fast. Then we got up to the spot where they start the bobsled races. After explaining that event, our tour guide told us that we could actually ride in a bobsled for $200. Hello, dream come true! The person that drives the bobsled is the coach for the Jamaican bobsled team. I saw Cool Runnings, sign me up! Unfortunately, I was there alone and didn't know if Jeremy would "approve" of my 50 second ride that cost $200. In the end, I waited too long to call that afternoon and they were booked up. They don't do bobsled rides every day of the week, so I was back in Texas before the chance to ride again. I vow to get there again one day and ride the stinkin' bobsled! (It's only $60 in the summer, so I'm going to try to go to Utah in July!)

A sweet view from the top of a mountain one day!

Another great view:
This is the scenery out the living room window in the house we stayed in.

The boys enjoyed the game room in the house complete with pool table, poker table, eliptical machine.....

....and ping pong. Don't ask me why Sam's pants aren't pulled up.....

And I'll end this with a picture of my cute kid who has finally decided that sitting up can be fun too. He can do it, he just gets a little lazy! Here he is, pictured with a new favorite toy, his drum. I don't know if it's just him or if it is boys in general, but he really likes to beat the crap out of stuff. He will bang on anything in front of him!

(let me know if you read all my random facts in there.....this was a long post!)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I just wanted to send out a huge thank you to Hollee for my awesome new blog header and background. I hope I wasn't too picky and am super excited about the way that it turned out. Just wait until you all see Cassidee's birthday'll know who designed those as well!
Thanks Hollee!
And, another big thank you to Sam and Hollee for inviting us to Utah for a very fun, and much needed, vacation. We have had a ball! I can't wait to get home and put up some pictures!