Friday, November 09, 2007

Late Halloween Pictures

Halloween was only a week ago, right? I'm not toooooo late, am I? Oh well. Sometimes you gotta take what you can get--when you can get it! :)
Cassidee and I didn't feel great the week of Halloween or that day even, but we went up to a Funival at church to have a little fun that night.

She went trunk-or-treating, but by the time she got to Janet and Joe's car she just wanted to stop and eat some candy.

My little Dorothy

--she thought popcorn was not as fun as Smarties and M&M's so she actually threw that bag on the floor after I snapped this picture.

Jeremy had to work on Halloween day, so we went up to the fire station to see him and so he could see Cassidee in her costume---she was actually supposed to be a ballerina, but she refused to wear the tutu. I guess she could have just run around in a leotard and been a gymnast.....

You can tell that she is ready to call it a night in this picture. Little Dorothy turned into a little witch---it was bedtime!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween--a week ago!


amie said...

what's one week....really!!!

Jennifer said...

Better late than never right? And congrats on the new house! I can't wait to have one of those!

Ashley said...

Such a cutie! Hope you are loving life in your new house!