Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just some pics of Cassidee!

We've actually spent a little more time at home lately. I feel like we've been going and going and going for the past few months, so it's been nice to spend a few days at home without going anywhere! Just a warning---when we stay home all day we tend to walk around in our PJ's all day and we definitely don't do our hair!!!!
I made Cassidee an "Art Box" that will stay in the downstairs closet. She is a crafty little sucker that loves to color, paint, cut, and put stickers on anything! She worked hard while I organized her box!
She also discovered a love for scissors. She can't open them up with one hand, so she opens them with two, sticks them on one hand, makes one cut, and then starts all over again. If you need the edge of a piece of paper fringed, just ask Cassidee. That kept her busy for over 30 minutes!
Then she got one of mommy's good forks---good choice Jeremy---since she didn't have a shovel, and she played in the dirt in the backyard. (We've since bought her a shovel!)
Memorial Day '08
We had a FUN time at the Holmes' house on Monday. Cassidee could not wait to get in the pool with Presley. They squealed and laughed all afternoon!!!!
Daddy got in the pool and he just can not let Cassidee swim around. He has to constantly be throwing her, pushing her, pulling on her, etc. They had TONS of fun together! Here is my first shot of Cassidee getting tossed up in the air by daddy. It only makes me a little nervous that he threw her so high I only caught the bottom of her legs.....
Next shot.....I was a little more prepared for how high she would go. She loved "flying!"
Daddy and Cass
Look at those pretty girls---Kimberly and Presley!
This was taken in the middle of Maddox's and Presley's screaming match. They would shreak at each other. It was hilarious!
Cassidee enjoyed an Elmo cupcake when she got out of the pool. Life doesn't get much better than that for a little two year old!


Cheryl said...

So cute! Now I know who to call when I need paper fringed!

Jodi said...

Cutie pie! Looks like y'all had such fun at the pool! I'm only a little bit jealous....

The Blakes said...

I wish we could have been there with yall! I miss yall! We have been blowing and going and we are leaving again tomorrow! Lets get together next week!

Bunch of Oranges said...

Love the polka dots!!!! Fun, Fun! Love the sono...oh doesn't that make you so excited to see him! Get use to those pjs and staying home... only way to say sane with 2! :) Ha! Love ya!